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Nine things to do with your photos of your pet

You’ve probably taken thousands of beautiful, spontaneous and silly photos of your pet – and no doubt every snapshot of your little fur baby brings back unforgettable memories and lifts your spirits. It’s not surprising that we love our four-legged friends so much; they’re proven to boost our wellbeing and make us physically healthier, and they also provide huge emotional and therapeutic benefits.

So of course we want to cherish our pets in every possible way – and that includes putting all those glorious photos to good use. That furry face needs showing off as much as possible! Here are a few wonderful ways to make the most of those brilliant photos of your dog/cat/rabbit. We guarantee you’ll love them all!

Get snuggly

Any owner knows that a cuddle with a pet after a long day is the perfect antidote to stress. Having an animal that loves you unconditionally, sits on your lap or rolls over for a tummy rub can instantly make your woes fade. Recent scientific research has found real benefits of cuddling with a pet. Physical contact with your four-legged friend reduces levels of stress hormones, which in turn can make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Try this! Even when your pet isn’t there, you can have him on the sofa with you on a cushion or soft fleecy blanket emblazoned with his image- just select your cutest photo and he’s there for a cuddle whenever you need him! 


Cook up a storm


Pets can have an impact on your social life – in a good way! A recent study carried out by Harvard University, University of Western Australia and Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition found that pets can help us build social relationships and support networks and that pet owners are more likely to meet new people than non-pet owners. And it gets even better – a significant number of animal owners who took part in the research said having a pet had led them to making at least one new friend.

Try this! Next time you entertain your new friends, impress them with a set of pet-face coasters or a photo cooking apron adorned with Rover’s adorable face.

Cheer up your working day


More and more workplaces are allowing employees to take their pets to work, not least because they recognise the benefits pets have on work-life balance and office morale. It has even been claimed that productivity goes up when pets are around!

Try this! If you’re not lucky enough to be able to take your pet to work, don’t despair! You can still have Fido or Moggie’s little face to cheer you up with your own personalised mouse mat. 

Puzzle it out

Every parent has heard the question ‘Can I have a pony/puppy/hamster/kitten?’.  Having a pet teaches kids so many important things, from grooming to nurturing and empathy skills. Children who grow up in a household with pets benefit in so many ways, from their emotional development to their immune systems, according to research.

Try this! Your pet can even boost your kids’ mental skills! Choose your favourite photo and make it into a personalised pet photo jigsaw for a puzzle they’ll love to do for years to come.


Say happy birthday


You know your pet is beautiful – so it’s time to shout about it!  Your pet photos are perfect for making into personalised cards to send to your nearest and dearest. After all, it’s only fair that as many people as possible get to own a photo of your prize pooch/moggie/bunny!

A personalised card you’ve made yourself  shows just how much thought you’ve put into it. You can create one for any occasion at the click of a button – it certainly beats the stress of spending hours in a shop trying to find the perfect card. Your own images of your pet are the perfect solution for bespoke personalised cards – just order with Jessops online or instore and you’re done!

Wood you believe it?

Here’s a pet fact for you: According to a recent survey, 36 per cent of pet owners said that having an animal has helped them lose weight. Who needs a personal trainer when you’ve got a dog to walk?

Make those outdoor adventures last by putting your treasured pictures onto natural wooden panels to make chic and unusual artwork. These wood photo panels provide the perfect background for your favourite animal prints. They are long-lasting, durable and extremely tactile, making them a unique way to showcase your adventures together.


Watch the days go by


Have you got a calendar for this year yet? Thought not! And even if you have – you need one like this! Make a personalised photo calendar featuring your fave pics of your pet and you’ll be cheered up every time you need to check what time you’re meant to be at the dentist/when that homework project is due/when that next appointment at the groomer is…

Stay warm in bed

We’ve already talked about the benefits of cuddles… and this is another way you can stay warm with your furry friend. A photo hot water bottle adorned with a pic of your pride and joy will keep you warm at night – and it won’t shed any fur or wake you up licking your face at 3am! Perfect!


You've been framed!


Sometimes we take a photo we’re so proud of that we want to show it off to anyone and everyone. Turn your furry friend into a  focal point in your home with a high-quality canvas print to hang in your living room, bedroom or any spot where it can be constantly admired. Order your canvas today and transform your home in no time!  Choose from a vast array of sizes and order a two-hour click and collect service at Jessops. You’re welcome!


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