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Wonderful D-I-Y Christmas gifts

Eight brilliant ideas for homemade Christmas gifts

Nothing says ‘I’ve really thought about this Christmas present’ more than a gift you’ve made yourself. Homemade Christmas gifts can be immensely satisfying to give; they let someone know how much you value them because of you’ve spent time and effort on them, and of course, as well as being super-thoughtful, making your own gifts can save you a fortune too!

Here are eight fabulous homemade Christmas gift ideas you can make yourself!

1. Special sea salt lemon and rosemary scrub


Perfect for: Anyone in need of some ‘me’ time
For a lovely pampering treat, this wonderful homemade sea salt, lemon and rosemary body scrub is the perfect gift for someone in need of a little ‘me time.’
You’ll need:
Approximately 500g of sea salt or rock salt
The juice of 2 lemons
The zest of one lemon
4 tablespoons of olive oil
2 springs rosemary chopped up

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl, then decant into a pretty jar. Add an instal photo of the person you’re giving it to for extra personalisation.

2. A kitchen 2019 calendar

Perfect for: Doting grandparents
If you’re thinking of creating a fun calendar for Christmas now’s the time to do it. The extensive range of calendars at Jessops includes a kitchen calendar, desk calendar and calendars in sizes A3, A4 and A5.
Simply upload your special family photos, and sit back and wait for your calendar to be delivered to your door.


3. A letter tile picture


Perfect for: The person who has everything
Use wooden letter tiles for a truly unique way of spelling out your Christmas message. To make this gift, you’ll need a bag of letter tiles – from a scrabble box, for example – and a box photo frame. You can find a selection of box picture frames here.
Practice layouts lay outs on a sheet of paper before you start sticking then get creative by adding photos, tickets or patterned backgrounds to your gift.
The lovely thing about this gift is just how versatile it is: the creative opportunities are endless! Try writing your child’s name and their pet’s name along with a picture of them together, or link the whole family’s names linked together like a Scrabble board.

4. A photo jigsaw puzzle

Perfect for: Kids from 0-90 years old!
Baby’s first Christmas is one of the most precious so what better way to enjoy it again and again than with a family puzzle you can relish together forever?
Our 12-piece wooden puzzle is perfect for little hands – and wipe clean too – or why not challenge the whole family to get involved by ordering a 1000-piece puzzle? It will keep you busy into Boxing Day and beyond.


5. A scrapbooker's craft kit


Perfect for: Anyone who likes to get creative
Scrapbooking has never been more popular – or cool – so if you have a fan in the family we know they’ll be blown away by this thoughtful gift.
Simply fill a decorated box with everything they need to get creative – we’re thinking ribbons, fancy tapes, gel pens, highlighters, stickers, glue and all the trimmings – then sit back and watch their joy as they unwrap it.
The instore scrapbooking range at Jessops include a huge variety of embellishments as well as a wide choice of scrapbooking paper and books. Find your local Jessops store here.

6. A year of photos in a box

Perfect for: Family members who are hard to buy for (we’re looking at you, dads!)
Order 365 photos – one for every day of the year – and you’ll have a wonderful, thoughtful present that everyone can enjoy for a little over £20. Order your prints now! Prints start at as little at 6p each.


7. A jar full of memories


Perfect for: Your best friend in the world
Here’s a gift idea that will really prove you’ve put some thought into it.
Get together little pieces of colourful paper, write down your favourite memories of your friend or relative then fold them up and put them into a decorative jar.
This one takes a bit of time so, instead of trying to do them all at once, jot ideas down as they pop into your head then add them to the jar at a later stage. Print out photos of you together to decorate the outside of the jar with.

8. A special book to say 'I love you'

Perfect for: That special someone
In the constant whirr of busy life, it’s easy to forget to tell the people we love just how much they mean to us. A homemade gift can be your chance to change that! A photo book is incredibly simple to make and offers a lovely opportunity to tell someone exactly why they’re so special to you. Include little anecdotes about the times you’ve laughed your socks off together, pictures of places you’ve been and don’t forget to say thank you for the moments they’ve been there when you’ve needed them the most.
Jessops photo books start at just £7.50.




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