• Can I cancel/make changes to my order?

      As soon as your order data is entered into our server it is automatically transferred to the production process which does not allow manual intervention. We can try to stop the order from being despatched. However you will need to contact us and we will be able to check this for you. If you do wish to cancel an order it is better to contact us as soon as possible so we have a better chance of being able to do this for you.

    • How do I know if my order has been successful?

      When your order has completed the data transfer you will receive a confirmation of order on screen. This will then be followed by a confirmation email to your registered email address. If this did not happen and you did not get an order number then the order has not finalised. If you are still unsure then please contact us and we will be able to check this for you.

    • How long will my order take?

      The delivery times for all our products can be seen here. Depending on the value of the order your order will either be delivered by TNT packet post which can take 2-4 working days or by Royal Mail registered post which can take approximately 1-3 working days. For larger orders we will send them using a courier which will be received the next working day if the item is despatched before 3pm or the following working day if the item is despatched after 3pm.

    • How do I use a voucher when ordering on the website?

      When you add your items to the shopping basket you will be able to enter your voucher code box in the field under the basket. You will need to press ‘Check’. The voucher code should then deduct from the value of the order. If the voucher does not deduct correctly please check the terms and conditions of the voucher to ensure you are ordering the correct item. Please also be aware only one voucher code can be entered per order.

    • How do I use a voucher when ordering on the software?

      When you add your items to the shipping basket you will then need to select ‘Order Now’. This will then move you though to let you log into your account. You then need to select your billing address and payment method (even if you have a voucher) but you will not be asked for your payment details at this stage. On the following screen you can enter the voucher code. Once entered please press ‘Apply’. The voucher code should then deduct from the value of the order. If the voucher does not deduct correctly please check the terms and conditions of the voucher to ensure you are ordering the correct item. Please also be aware only one voucher code can be entered per order.

    • Can you prioritise orders and upgrade to guaranteed shipping?

      Unfortunately we do not offer a service where we can prioritise orders in our systems nor manually upgrade the shipping. All orders will be processed as a first come first serve basis.
      We do however offer express shipping on some of our CEWE Photobooks. We are not able to offer this service on all books due to their production location. If this is available you will be given the option. This service is only available in the software and cannot be combined with other products where the service is not available. If the option is not selected during the ordering process it can not be added after the order has been placed. Please be aware this will guarantee next working day shipping on your order as long as the order is completed before 15.00GMT and it will not speed up production of the CEWE Photobook.

    • What is your returns/refunds policy?

      CEWE PHOTOBOOKS are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, see more detail here. All other products cannot be returned for a refund once ordered unless they arrive damaged or with a quality issue. If your order has arrived damaged or you believe there is a problem with the quality of your order then please return your order to us, free of charge, using the return address label enclosed on your delivery note. Please enclose a short note to advise what the problem is with your order and we can investigate it for you. We do unfortunately require the order to be returned to ensure the damage or quality issue can be checked.

    • How do I know if my images are suitable?

      The software has a built-in quality indicator on the toolbar. This shows a green smiley face for good quality images, orange for acceptable quality, and red for low quality. Please note that this takes in to account the image size only, and not the content, so if your image is blurred (e.g. camera shake or poor focus), this will not be shown on the quality indicator. If your image is showing an orange or red face, you can resize your image. This will improve the print quality (as less stretching will occur). We print at 300 dpi.

    • Ordering multiple items

      If you are ordering more than one of the same product in order to upload more images you first need to create your first order and add it into the basket, you then need to navigate away from the basket using the product banner running along the top. You then need to create your next order and add it to the basket; you will then see your previous order in the basket also.
      Please do not use the back function as this will over ride any previous item added to your shopping basket.

    • Ordering multiple items

      If you are ordering more than one of the same product in order to upload more images you first need to create your first order and add it into the basket, you then need to navigate away from the basket using the product banner running along the top. You then need to create your next order and add it to the basket; you will then see your previous order in the basket also.
      Please do not use the back function as this will over ride any previous item added to your shopping basket.

    Output FAQs

    • Why is my order darker than my screen / alternative print out?

      Images may appear lighter on screen as most modern monitors have a backlight; a backlight is a form of illumination used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). As LCDs do not produce light themselves (unlike Cathode ray tube (CRT) displays), they need illumination (ambient light or a special light source) to produce a visible image. Backlights illuminate the LCD from the side or back of the display panel, unlike front lights, which are placed in front of the LCD. Backlights are used in small displays to increase readability in low light conditions, and in computer displays and LCD televisions to produce light in a manner similar to a CRT display, which is why your images may appear darker when printed.

    • Why is the edge of my canvas not on the print?

      When you order a canvas there is a 3cm wrapping area where the canvas is wrapped around the frame. If your image is on the part that is wrapped around the frame then it will not be corrected during the ordering process as we use an automated print system so your data is printed exactly as we receive it.

      If you order via our software then there is a greyed out area visible when ordering depicting the wrapping area. If any of your image is on this grey section then it will be wrapped around the frame.

    • Why is there a black mark on my image in my printed CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

      Black marks are caused by a problem with the red eye correction tool. There is an intermittent problem in the software which can occasionally cause the red eye to try and correct an image in the wrong place causing a black mark. This is something that we are currently working on fixing for our next version of software. Please send us a picture of the error and your order number via email and a member of our customer services team will be able to send you a voucher code and instructions on how to reorder.

    • How long should I wait for my order to arrive before I chase it up?

      We do advise that standard delivery for orders is 1-3 working days; your order will be delivered by Royal Mail. If you have not received your order in the estimated delivery time, we do advise that you allow up to 7 working days for it to arrive. In the meantime we do recommend contacting your local post office as the package might be waiting there for collection. We cannot class an item as lost/missing in the post before this time has passed. If after 7 working days from the dispatch of your item you have still not received it then please contact us at this time.

    • What should I do if my order arrives and it has been damaged in the post?

      If your order arrives and it is in a less than perfect condition then we would ask that you take a picture of the damage and email this to us. Please ensure the picture you send is no larger than 10MB, as this is the limit on our server. Please include your order number in the email along with a brief explanation. Once we have received your email we will reply and let you know what happens next.

    • My CEWE PHOTOBOOK has arrived and there is a spelling mistake in it. What can I do?

      When we print your CEWE PHOTOBOOK we use an automated print system so we print the data exactly as we receive it. The data we received for your book is stored as a ‘read only’ file which means we can view it but we cannot make any changes to it ourselves. If we reprinted your order the same spelling mistake would still be there. If you are not happy with your CEWE Photobook then you can return it to us under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Once you have returned your book, we can then issue you with a voucher so you can make any necessary changes and then re-order.
      If you have ordered a Jessops Photobook, unfortunately the 100% guarantee does not apply and we will not be able to issue a credit or voucher for this order.

    • I want to return my CEWE PHOTOBOOK under your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. How do I go about his?

      We know that your photographs mean a lot to you, and that when you take the time to create a photo book you want that book to be just right. Each and every book we make is carefully checked to ensure it meets our exacting standards, because if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.
      Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if for any reason you’re not delighted with your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, we’ll provide you with a replacement or full refund within 14 days of your order.
      To return your book you can use the returns label provided on the invoice of your order. All you need to do is package up the book, include a brief note with your order number and the reason for return, then stick the returns label on and it in the post. We ask that you also state whether you would like a voucher to reorder or a full refund and we will contact you with confirmation once we have received your order.
      Please be aware the 100% guarantee does not apply to Jessops Photobook ordered on the website.

    • I am uploading my CEWE PHOTOBOOK but the progress bar is stuck at 99%. What should I do?

      If the progress bar sticks at 99% and does not complete, it is likely that you have not completed all of the information needed. When you enter your payment details on the small payment screen you need to ensure you scroll down to the bottom of payment page and click ‘complete’. You can then click the ‘next’ button at the very bottom of the page to complete your order. If you do this and still cannot complete your order then please contact us.

    • Why are my prints not the ‘6 x 4’ size that I ordered?

      You received smaller photographs due to a difference in aspect ratio (length to height measurement).

      Traditional photographs have an aspect ratio (length-to-height measurement) of 3:2, whereas most digital images have an aspect ratio of 4:3, meaning that the size is usually increased to fill the full print, resulting in cropping.

      We offer two different formats when printing photographs through the software:

      Variable length format: This offers prints that vary in size, but include the full image without cropping, or without white bars. This format is recommended for digital prints.
      Classic format: This offers prints at the exact size (ideal for albums and frames), but cropping may occur when printing digital images.
      The website runs on the classic length format, to make sure that you receive the size of print you are expecting. If you would like to order again in variable format then please download our software.

      You can find more on aspect ratio here.

    • What if I am not happy and feel that there is a quality problem?

      You are welcome to return the order to us using the free postage label on your invoice for inspection. Please ensure that you enclose a covering letter to explain why you are unhappy and remember to include your order number.

    Software FAQs

    • What is AIC and how does this work?

      Automatic Image Correction (AIC) is something that is applied to your order once you have uploaded it to us so you will see no visible change on the images prior to you uploading it. It is applied to your order during the print process.

      The AIC will enhance colours within your images, we do advise for any images that are edited externally that you de-activate this function.

      You can check whether Automatic Image Correction is turned on or off by right-clicking on your image. There will either be a green tick or red cross next to the Automatic Image Correction option on the pop up menu (green for on, red for off).

      If you are ordering via the website then the AIC is automatically applied to your images.

      If you are ordering a Photo Paper CEWE PHOTOBOOK, we recommend that you activate the AIC.

    • Can I remove the text box from the spine of my book?

      You cannot remove the text box from the spine however if you leave this box blank then nothing will print on the spine. As a double measure you can click on the preview button located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and the preview will show you exactly how this will print.

    • How do I download the software?

      To download the software, please visit our software download page and select the correct download for your operating system, following your browser’s download instructions.

      Please ensure that your system meets the necessary system requirements which can be found in the download software section.

    • Why can I not download the software?

      If you cannot download the software we advise that you check you meet the necessary system requirements – check our download page for the most up-to-date requirements.

      Please note that our software is not suitable for netbooks.

      Also check if you have any pop up blockers installed on your system as this can often prevent the software from being downloaded. Ensure you stay connected to the internet for the whole download process as the software can download in parts and need to reconnect.

      Also check your antivirus software and add trusted URL : Most firewall programs should either have the option to set an exception for trusted URL’s (in this case http://dls.photoprintit.de) or to allow the installer to communicate through the firewall.

    • How do you create a collage in a Photobook?

      Hold the CTRL Key on your keyboard, highlight the images you wish to add to your collage whilst still holding the CTRL Key and right click for options.

    • My Mac wont let me download the software as it keeps saying I can only download from the App Store. What should I do?

      Please follow this link to find out how to change the settings on your Mac so that you are able to download software that isn’t in the App Store.

    • How do I create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

      Once the software download is complete you can then click the shortcut icon on your desktop and the software will load.

      Please choose the type of book that you wish to create and you can now start the creation process.

      The first thing that will load is the photo assistant. When using the software for the first time we would advise that you click on the tab ‘create without assistant’ tab, as this allows you to get used to the software.

      Your images appear on the left hand side of the screen and you can drag them across to the page and drop them into the template.

      To delete any image or template you can right click and select delete. To change your text on the cover please click on the text box and it will then become active and you can delete or edit your text. The text functions can be found in the text section of the tool bar in the top of the screen and you can make changes to your size font and colour etc.

      The software allows you to customise your layout so you can use our page layouts that are found in the ‘page layouts’ tab on the left hand side of the screen. We offer many types of layouts and you will see there is a drop down menu to select how many images per page you would like and you can then scroll up and down to select your layout. When you have found the layout that you wish to use then you can drag it across to the page and switch back to the ‘photos and videos’ tab to start adding your images.

      If you wish to have just an image to fill the whole page you should select this as a background to ensure that it is sized to fit. To select an image as a background you need to right click on the image before dragging to the page and select the image as background option.

      You can select the image to appear as a background on the left, right or both pages.

      Finally, the templates that you can use are a guide only – it is possible if you wish to click on a template and adjust it. When a template is active it will show a yellow line all around it and red circles in each corner. You can adjust the size of your template by dragging from the corners with a left click of the mouse. This will enable a picture cut vertically if the software made it layout horizontally to fit in the template.

      We hope that this information helps but should you have any further queries please feel free to contact us again as we will be more than happy to help you

    • How do I change the paper type of my photobook?

      On the bottom right of the creating stage of the software, there is a grey options box which shows the price details and product specification of book that you are creating. Click here to see what paper options are available for the book you are creating. As you choose your paper type, the price will change accordingly. Even though this only changes the paper type, we would advise that you run through your book once you have changed the paper type to confirm that nothing has changed.

      In this section you will be able to change the number of pages and cover type.

    • Why am I getting an error: ‘Error 500/software cannot connect?’

      If this is the case we would first of all recommend you follow the instructions below:

      • Click the “Settings” button at the top of the page.
      • Select “Network”

      If you are not able to connect, please first of all enter any proxy details you are aware of (if you are using a work PC you may need to contact your IT department).

      If this is not applicable to you, then please feel free to try swapping between the options “Use system proxy” and “Do not use proxy” and then checking the connection again by selecting the “Start” button.

      Unfortunately if a connection is still not found at this stage then the problem lies with your specific firewall and/or proxy. If this is the case then we would suggest that you contact your proxy/firewall provider or look for instructions on how to add our programs to your “safe/allow list”. Once we have been added to your allow lists then you should find that you are able to order through us.

    • Why is my project blank when I open it up?

      Unfortunately it seems as though your order may have become corrupt or that you have lost a certain amount of data due to partial corruption. In this document we will do our best to talk you through how to attempt to recover at least some of your lost work.

      When creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK it is saved in two sections. For the purpose of this explanation we will have saved our book as “Book”. When your book is saved the file extensions will be the same apart from the actual name.

      So when you have saved your order this will create two pieces of information:

      • Book.mcf: – this file holds the pictures on the background, blank image templates and any text that you may have typed into the software
      • Book_mcf-Dateien: – This is a folder that contains all the images that have been placed within the book and this is where “Book.mcf” (above) takes the images from.

      When everything is working the two files should be side by side as shown above. However when an error / problem or corruption has occurred then you may find that you receive a third file:

      • Book.mcf~ : – This is a temporary file that has been created that will usually contain the most up to date data (this will depend however on how bad the problem is).

      Unfortunately, as our software will only recognise the Book.mcf file and not Book.mcf~ you are not able to simply open the Book.mcf~ and so we will need to rename the files manually to allow us to check this temporary file.

      To rename a file simply right click on the folder and you will see a menu .

      Within this box there should a “Rename” option. Left click this option

      Once this has been clicked you will see that you now have the ability to change the name.

      Please change this to show the number 1 on the end i.e. Book.mcf1

      In renaming this you may get an error message to tell you that the file may become unusable, please ignore this and simply carry on with the rename.

      * This may happen on both renames

      Now we will need to repeat this with the Book.mcf~ file. This needs to be renamed to be called: –


      (So you simply have to remove the ~ from the name) what you should end up with is what looks like the image below

      Now these have been renamed the: –

      Book1.mcf : – will be unlinked to the images folder


      Book.mcf will now be linked allowing you to now open up this file through the software.

      All being well this file should contain more information, and should allow you to carry on with your project, without having to start from scratch. Unfortunately on rare occasions where there are larger problems you may find that this contains less information. 

      Should this be the case you simply need to follow the instructions above to allow you to rename the files back to what they were originally: –

      Book.mcf > Book.mcf~
      Book.mcf1 > Book.mcf

      We hope that this helps although should you still have further problems please feel free to contact us again as we will be more than happy to help.

    Online FAQs

    • What is the difference between Photo Enlargements and Posters?

      Photo Enlargements:

      Photo Enlargements bring your best memories to life once again. With maximum colour brilliance, excellent exposure quality and long-term UV stability, you can guarantee your photos will get the professional finishing touch they deserve. We use Fuji Crystal Archive glossy paper for our 20x30cm and 30x45cm enlargements and Fuji DPII for the 40x60cm and 50x75cm sizes.


      Our wide range of sizes and different aspect ratios means that photo posters are suitable for printing anything from family portraits to local landscapes; great as a constant reminder in your room of those special memories. Our photo posters are printed on premium semi-gloss finish (240g/m²) paper producing brilliant colour brightness to really bring your picture to life!

    • What paper type do you print on for photo prints?

      We currently only print on Fuji Crystal Archive glossy paper.

    • How do I track my order?

      Please log in to the website with your email address and password and then click on “order tracking”, If you would like more information on your order please contact us via telephone or email and we will be more than happy to help you.

    • I’m receiving an error saying that may pages are empty, but my images are on the page, will the page be printed empty?

      When a warning appears stating that there are empty image placeholders on some pages, it means that there are some frames in the template that haven’t been filled. If you are happy with the layout of your book, you can ignore this warning and place your order. It is possible that you added your own image that covered a placeholder. Please be assured that the empty placeholder image will not be printed in your book.

    • I’m receiving a load balancing server error, what should I do?

      The ‘Load balancing error’ appears when the software has difficulty connecting to the Photo server.

      Please check that your firewall and anti-virus settings are allowing the Photo software to connect to the internet.

      Please also check that the proxy settings within the software are set to ‘Use system proxy’. This setting can be found by clicking on ‘Settings’ on the toolbar, and then ‘Network’.

      If you are ordering from a workplace computer or network, please check with your IT department, as their settings may be preventing the software making a successful connection.

    • What cards do you accept?

      We accept the following formats of payment:

      Description: We accept Maestro, American Express, PayPal, Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard

      Please be aware that we do not take a payment straight away. All funds are placed into a holding account by PayPal, bank or building society. Payments will only be taken on despatch of the order from our Labs. Payment will not be taken for any non orders.

    • I can’t see all of the software, why is this?

      If you are unable to see all of the software then it may be that the screen resolution is not set up correctly. Please see below the resolution needed for each screen type:


      1024×768 pixels


      1280×1024 pixels


      1600×1200 pixels

      24″ +

      1900×1200 pixels

      17-18″ widescreen

      1280×800 pixels

      19″ widescreen

      1440×900 pixels

      20-23″ widescreen

      1680×1050 pixels

      24-29″ widescreen

      1920×1080 pixels to 1920×1200 pixels

      30″ + widescreen

      1920×1080 pixels to 2560×1600 pixels

      If you are using a netbook then sadly this will not show all of the software as currently the software is not compatible with netbooks.

    • What are the sizes of your t-shirts?

      T-Shirt Spec S – XXL

      Size: S – Chest (to fit): 36″

      Size: M – Chest (to fit): 38″

      Size: L – Chest (to fit): 40″

      Size: XL – Chest (to fit): 42″

      Size: XXL – Chest (to fit): 44″

    • Do you offer Matte prints?

      Currently we only offer the Prints in a glossy finish.

    • Do you produce analogue film?

      We do not produce analogue film as we work only with digital images.