Personalised puzzles in a variety of sizes are a great gift for jigsaw fans young and old. You can choose the number and size of your pieces to set the level of the challenge, from small 12 piece puzzles right up to 1000 pieces! The choice of photo will also determine how tricky the puzzle is.

    Puzzle 20×30 cm

    From £9.99

    This puzzle is a great size as a next step puzzle for younger children who enjoy a challenge.

    Puzzle 30×45 cm

    From £19.99

    From an easy introduction to puzzles, to a bit more of a challenge, this puzzle comes in a choice of three different difficulties.

    Puzzle 40×54 500 pieces


    This puzzle is a great next-step jigsaw for young fans who are graduating from the junior puzzle choices.  

    Puzzle 68x44cm 1000 pieces


    Ready for a challenge? Given its size and the number of pieces, this is going to be a tricky puzzle but well worth the effort in the end.

    Wooden puzzle / 12 pieces


    Little ones love jigsaw puzzles, especially ones that show pictures of themselves, their family or their pets.

Made To Order Jigsaw Puzzles

At Jessops, our photo puzzle collection is entirely bespoke to you! Get a gift that no-one else will have with our made to order photo puzzles. With fast delivery, we can promise that you won’t have to wait long for your unique gift.

Create Your Own Puzzle In A Few Simple Steps

Designing your unique gift has never been easier! Turn any picture into a puzzle with a few simple clicks. Our picture uploader lets you take any image and submit it to the puzzle creator, before our printing software turns it into a jigsaw that will delight the family.

Photo Jigsaw Gifts For All The Family

Our photo jigsaws make an unique present and are ideal for a huge variety of occasions. With a range of varying difficulties and puzzle sizes, they’re suitable for all age ranges – from youngsters through to adults, parents and grandparents!

High Quality Printed Puzzles

Our photo jigsaws are printed in high resolution onto sturdy cardboard or wood. Designed with durability in mind, you’ll find that they’re resistant to wear and tear – ensuring your present can be enjoyed over and over again for years to come.


What material are the puzzles?

The puzzles are made of high quality cardboard with a sealed print on the front. There is also a 12-piece wooden puzzle, made from sustainable softwood.

I’m looking for a gift for a 5-year-old, what puzzle would you recommend?

It depends how good they are at jigsaws. By age 5, they have probably graduated from the simple 12- piece puzzles and if they have an adult helping them, should be able to do the 48-piece puzzle as a challenge. Be sure to pick an image that has a lot going on – it makes it much easier than a vast expanse of one colour.