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Photography Day

August 19th 2022

World Photography Day

This day is celebrated annually on August 19 and has photography enthusiasts come together across the world to celebrate the art of taking photographs.

The type of photography we know today dates back to 1839. At that time, the French Academy of Sciences announced the Daguerreotype process. The process made it possible to create a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper. The sheet was coated with a thin coat of silver, and the process did not require the use of a negative. It became the first method for obtaining a permanent image with a camera.

Over 40 years later in 1884, George Eastman from Rochester, NY refined the Daguerreotype process. He replaced the copper plate with a dry gel on paper, which he called film. This invention alleviated the need for photographers to carry around heavy copper plates and toxic chemicals. In 1888, Eastman developed the Kodak camera. The inventional allowed virtually anyone to take a photo.

With the explosion of digital photography, many people no longer use film in their cameras.


The best way to observe this day is to share your favorite photo with others. This can include actual printed photographs or digital photos.

Other ways to observe this day include:

  • Learn about photography and the skills it takes to be a photographer
  • Talk to a photographer and find out why they enjoy their profession
  • Get family photos taken by a professional photographer
  • Read about famous photographers including Robert Frank, Ansel Adams, Anne Geddes and David Bailey.
  • Read our Photography Blogs
  • Taking one of our photography courses


The first World Photography Day was held on August 19, 2010. It was on this date that nearly 270 photographers shared their pictures in a global online gallery. People from over 100 countries visited the online gallery. This event marked the first official World Photography Day. The day is held August 19th as it’s the date in 1839 that the government in France purchased the patent for the Daguerreotype process. The French government called the invention of the Daguerreotype process a free gift to the world.

Here are some of our favourite images from our 2021 #imageoftheweek competition




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