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Our Top Photography Tips for National Pet Month

To celebrate #NationalPetMonth we have put together our top 5 tips on how to capture the perfect snap of your most prized possession- your pet! Did you know that we take more photos of our pets than of our partners? It is not always easy to get the shot that you want, but we hope we can make it a little easier with the tips below. Don’t forget to share your snaps with us at #jessopscreations as we love a furry friend here at Jessops Photo!


We all know that our pets can be very unpredictable and don’t always follow our artistic direction when it comes to posing! That’s why it is important to be patient when taking photographs of your beloved. Get yourself comfy, set up your composition on your camera or phone, and wait for them to come to you. A treat or two may come in handy!


Focus on the eye

In our opinion, our favourite pet portraits are those with the eyes in focus. It can tell us how an animal is truly feeling and whether they are enjoying being in front of the camera. Use the focus system on your camera or phone to ensure the eye is sharp – preferably go for the one that is in the sunlight.


Get low

One of the best things you can do is get right down on your pet’s level. They will trust you more, however, will probably think you are inviting them to lick your face! You’ll instantly make your photo more appealing and feel more personal, and it’s a great way to capture your pet’s true personality.



If you are struggling to get their attention why not tempt them with their favourite toy or treat! Getting them to play around will show off their goofy side and will allow you to capture some Instagram worthy snaps of your pet.



Lighting is key in taking a brilliant picture of your pet. You don’t need anything fancy, natural light will do just the trick. Ensure that your pet is fully or partially in the light so you can capture a truly beautiful portrait of your model.


Love it. Print it.

Struggling to think of ideas of what to do with your pet photographs after you have shared them with your friends? Here at Jessops Photo we have a range of products that are waiting to have your pets best shot printed on! From photo books, to wall art and personalised gifting ideas- we have something to show off every pet’s best angle. Shop our range here.
If you would like some more hints and tips on pet photography, check out our Academy team here.



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