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Easy ways to take better photos of your baby

You can never have enough photos of your beautiful baby – but how many of them do you feel truly proud of? We all know that babies have their own minds, and sometimes that can get in the way of your photographic masterpieces! That’s why we’ve put together some easy expert baby photo tips to help you take better pictures – from newborn photography onwards – even when you’re using an iPhone or basic camera. Take our advice and your little treasure will be more picture-perfect than ever!

Make her at home


Setting is key when it comes to perfect baby photos. Your little one will feel more relaxed in an environment they’re familiar with, so make your living room into a photographic studio! Before you start snapping, make sure they’re in the right mood – you don’t need us to tell you that a tired, hungry baby won’t be at their finest. You know your little treasure better than anyone, so choose a time of day when they seem most happy and settled – straight after a feed or a bath, for example.

Let there be light

Getting the light right for a photo is where the magic happens. Forget the flash – the best baby shots are taken in natural daylight (although you need to avoid direct sunlight, as it’s too harsh). The morning or afternoon light from a window should be perfect for giving a lovely, soft focus to your baby’s skin. “Stand with the window behind you for an even light that creates softer shadows – this will enhance the soft curves of your baby’s face,” explains professional photographer Nichole Rees. “If you have a lot of direct bright light coming in through your window, try hanging a white cotton sheet or net curtains to take away the glare.”


Set the tone


Remember to think about your background before you start snapping, and get rid of clutter – yep, that means the remains of yesterday’s takeaway and that pile of laundry. In fact, the less stuff you have in the background, the better. Baby photography is all about the little human taking centre stage, not making the background too colourful or chaotic. “Try not to let the background distract,” says Nichole. “If you can, go for soft, neutral tones behind your baby, and keep your background simple as possible.”

Try different positions


It’s well worth experimenting and changing angles. Close-ups can also make your baby photos more intimate; a great way to get a natural baby shot is to get down to their level, rather than shoot her from above. Nichole warns against trying to prop newborn babies up against things. “It can look odd and unnatural to put a baby into a position they’re not comfortable in,” she says. Instead, get a sibling, your partner or a friend to hold them – this opens up the angles for your photos and will allow you to try a number of positions (over the shoulder, sitting her up, laying her back in their arms, lying her on her tummy). Remember that including yourself, grandparents, siblings and friends can all add context to your photos, and as your baby grows up they’ll love seeing herself with all the people who love her.

Have a giggle

A happy baby makes for photos that look naturally beautiful, candid and full of life. Try to get your baby to smile or chuckle while you click away, using funny faces, toys, a rattle – whatever grabs her attention. If you’ve got an assistant (your partner, an older child, a devoted granny), then get them to stand behind you and grab your baby’s attention. By engaging your baby like this, they’ll look more animated in your photos. But don’t let her get too over-stimulated, advises Nichole. “If there’s too much going on, your baby can end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and that will show in your photos – so try to keep things calm and low-key,” she says.


Use props… but don’t overdo it

Toys, rattles, hats, baby blankets, teddies and various newborn props will help to add elements to your photo. You can also use flowers, oversized clothes and other creative (and safe) objects in your shoot. Props like these can help to make beautiful, clean photos, but make sure you don’t overdo it, as you want to keep images simple and not distract the focus from your little one.


Show off your fabulous photos!


Now you’ve got your professional-style baby shots, you need to print them out and show them off! Jessops quality photo prints have a high resolution and specifications that deliver professional quality – perfect for images of your little angel. For the best of the lot, why not create a whole gallery wall filled with canvas prints showing off that ickle face? You can choose a whole array of stand-out wall canvases at Jessops – order them online for delivery or to collect in store in as little as two hours. There are so many things you can do with your precious photos that you’ll never get tired of printing them out and showing them off! Check out our photo gift selection for more ideas!


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