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Live in the Moment
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Live in the Moment with Instax

It’s not hard to see why instant photography has reached cult status on social media. From people taking part in the #impossibleproject on Instagram, to stylists and designers using Instax prints in evermore creative displays – instant photography continues to seduce free-spirited creatives across all ages and generations. With so many options for expressing yourself with this colourful bundle of joy it’s hard not to get excited about it (we could fill a whole book with Instax ideas) so we’ve narrowed down some of our favourite ideas to kickstart your Instax camera game and show you why this is the perfect gift for the fun-loving creative in your life.

'Tis the Season to be Gifting  

Make sure you take your Instax camera out on your next adventure with your friends and when it’s time to get gifting you’ll have the perfect picture package to give your BFF. Put your most iconic adventure in an Instax glitter frame full of festive sparkle or get crafty and create your own set wrapped in a ribbon or popped in a decorative accordion frame. The only question is what colour film suits them the best? Which brings us to our next point…


Get colour creative


The colours and patterns available with Instax film are a serious wow factor. There are so many to choose from that you can have different colours to suit different moods. Taking your camera to a Halloween party? Make sure you pick the black ones. Feeling fun? The comic book ones or white with coloured polka dots. Off to a wedding? The confetti ones! One of our favourite ideas using the coloured films is creating a rainbow wall with Instax film. With coloured film fading from zesty yellow and green to violet, you can display the full range of your adventures in framed in colours to match!

The shape of love

From proms to weddings, capturing love and romance on Instax film is as cute as it gets. Get DIY with your save the date cards and take pictures of the two of you looking happy and write the date underneath – or display your favourite couple shots in a heart shape on your wall. Don’t worry if you want to create Instax prints out of pictures you’ve already taken – you can always print them with your own Instax Share SP-2 Printer or Mini Link Printer.


Get organised in an instant


It’s not just fun fun fun that the Instax can be used for. It can also help you get dressed, cook and even pack for a trip! Every time you have an amazing outfit on, take a snap and create an outfit catalogue to keep in your wardrobe for those groggy mornings when you just don’t have time to think ‘chic’. Or take a picture of the contents of your suitcase so you can quickly see what you need to take with you next time, and if you’ve forgotten anything easily. Keep the picture inside your suitcase for ease. The organisation possibilities are truly endless.

With the retro print style, the colourful design and the lightweight size, this little camera really sparks the imagination. It fills that space of spontaneity and living in the moment that advances in cameras have left open and leaves you with a tangible and cute keepsake for you to give to friends or display in endlessly fun and creative ways. Have a look at our varieties of Instax cameras here and see our accessories such as bags here.


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