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6 Autumn
Photoshoot Ideas

6 Autumn Photoshoot Ideas

There’s no doubt about it, that golden time of year is in full swing! Autumn is such a photogenic season, and we absolutely love capturing the rich colours and spooky scenes in creative ways. With fireworks lighting up the sky and pumpkins turned into lanterns there’s plenty of scope to experiment with low light photography as well as creating some spectacular still-lifes. We’ve put together some of our favourite shots from the season to help you make the most of it and get ideas on what to do with your prints afterwards!

Halloween & Fireworks Spooktacular

It may be spooky, but Halloween and fireworks night are full of opportunities for capturing some really atmospheric shots. Just make sure you’ve got your camera optimised for lowlight to avoid grainy pics or ones of just two glowing eyes and nothing else (although that is quite cool too).

This picture by @simple.life.of.nature on Instagram combines the light trails from sparklers with her lit pumpkin to bring extra light to the shot while keeping with the atmosphere!


Get the shot: With a bit of trial and error it’s possible to capture light trails with your own camera. You’ll need a long exposure here so make sure you use a tripod. Switch your camera to manual and adjust the shutter speed to about 4 seconds with an aperture of about f/8, ISO 200. If it comes out blurry, turn off auto-focus and manually focus on the pumpkin – or with fireworks, focus your lens at infinity.

Print the shot Light trails look great especially when you write a message with them, or a heart shape. Pop it into a cute frame and give to your loved-one for Christmas, or use your fireworks shot for your November page in your personalised calendar!

Your Still-life Story

The wonderfully weird shaped gourds and pumpkins are great for creating autumnal compositions filled with colours and flora around you. It’s a great excuse to get out in nature. Pick up some seasonal plants and bright squashes, look out for ferns, pinecones, acorns and berries and play around with the composition.

There are plenty of ways you can make your still-life into something decorative for your home, such as a mantel piece decoration or table centre piece. We love this wreath by @herhobbithouse on Instagram, who has decorated her cottage door with autumnal colours and flora.

Get the shot: Wreaths and still-lifes look great shot from straight on, so a flatlay on a natural base such as a wooden board would work well, or a wreath hung on a door as pictured. Position your flatlay next to a window to get an even spread of light.

Print the shot This would make a super cute front cover to an autumnal photo book.


A Leaf Less Ordinary


Make use of the piles of leaves as a way to create colourful and fun portraits of your friends, family, or even pets! Create a leafy shower by throwing leaves into the air above them while they pose for the photo – or have them lie down in a pile of leaves wearing a matching golden coloured jumper!

Get the shot Use Aperture Priority and around f/4 to get an attractive depth of field and keep the subject in focus.

Print the shot This would be perfect picture for October in your personalised calendar!

Scrapbook Fun

Once you’ve taken your gorgeous photos don’t forget to print them. One of the ways you can celebrate your spooktacular photographs is by scrapbooking. This picture from @Marybethhancher on Instagram shows how much fun “simply taping in a photo and writing a little snippet” can be, especially when you use your Halloween pictures as the theme to base it around. Make your pictures even more mysterious and print them in black and white or give them a retro feel with our square Retro Prints. Instax photos are always a hit with scrapbooks, and come with so many options for fun film such as black frames, the square star illumination and much more. With the Instax Share and Mini Link printer you can print your photos from your phone onto the film of your choice!


Wildlife and Nature


The animal kingdom may be going into hibernation for winter but there are definitely a few four-legged friends still scurrying around. Look out for starlings roosting around sunset and use a wide-angle lens to capture the murmuration. You may also spot some wildlife in your own garden such as hedgehogs hiding among the leaves.

Get the shot It’s difficult to get close enough to photograph them so a long zoom or telephoto lens would be ideal, and with a fast aperture of f/2.8 or f/4 you can get a gorgeous depth of field.

Print the shot How about printing your beautiful starling picture on a canvas? Or give the gift of warmth with your cute animal pictures looking extra snuggly on a hot water bottle!

Luscious Landscapes

See the beauty of those autumnal colours duplicated in a watery reflection like in this gorgeous picture by @jayhagani_photography on Instagram. Head to your nearest river on a wind-free day because the stiller the water the better the reflection.

Get the shot Wide-angle lenses are best for landscapes such as a 16-35mm. Make sure you reflect the camera slightly downwards to reflect more of the rich colourful scene.

Print the shot: How beautiful would this look on an aluminium print or an acrylic print? Stunning! The glossy texture will really add to the reflection and bring out the rich colours.


Now that you’ve got all the tips on what to do with your leafy sparkly autumnal pics, go ahead and get creating! If you make any creations don’t forget to tag #jessopsmoment and @jessops on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page.


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