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World Photography Day; a year of #Jessopsmoment

A year of #Jessopsmoment photos – our top picks this World Photography Day

It was World Photography Day on the 19th August and we have been celebrating all week with photo competitions on Instagram. We love that platforms like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest have nurtured a world of photographers, and encouraged communities of artists and storytellers to bloom.

At Jessops we are passionate about capturing life on camera, from everyday joys to epic sunsets, so we created the Instagram hashtag #jessopsmoment so you could share your chosen moments with us. This World Photography Day we decided to celebrate this community and select a few of our favourite pictures that capture moments in time, and tell a story. We hope they can inspire you to take more photos and print your life, your loves, and your laughs.

It’s amazing what you can see when you explore in the calm of the morning. Photographer Sue Lindenberg has captured nature at its most innocent. We are lucky to have these beautiful creatures roam free in our country parks, and Bushy Park has conservation areas with herds of both red deer and fallow deer.

Taken by @suelind7 “Red Deer Hind browsing in the golden light of a Bushy Park sunrise.”


Dawn or dusk? Nature is moving through the entire image from the dappled light to the mistily lit beams, the bluebell carpet and the strong tree trunks. This spring photo is the essence of quiet but filled with life.

Taken by @Jamie_fielding_photography

Pet photographer Chantel Macleod-Holdsworth knows how to capture that relationship and humour between a dog and their owner! This fun snap shows Jack, a 6-year-old rescue lurcher happily posing among the daisies.

Chantel says: “He’s a bit of a sensitive flower, hence the flowers he’s posing in. But he’s also incredibly loving (one of his nicknames is ‘Sir Lickalot’?), loyal, funny and he gave me my life back. I was quite unwell when he came into my life and he gave me the strength to get better, just by needing me and loving me even if I couldn’t get out of bed some days. He’s a very good boy.” What a beautiful story!

Taken by @cmh.pet.photgraphy


The Bristol Balloon Weekend is one of the highlights of our year on the hashtag! This photo captures the spirit of the event especially with the joy of the funfair in the shot.

The story is brought to life by the poster, who says: “The skies fill with colour and wonderful shapes, the air fills with the beautiful aroma of bacon being sizzled on disposable barbecues, creating a mystical haze at sunrise”.

Taken by @nottsnomad

Birthday parties bring even more smiles and laughs when there are young children around, and this little one looks more excited about the cake than the birthday girl! We can feel the happiness and love shining through for this lucky grandma’s birthday.

Taken by @humanknd_photography


“Charlie G running into the weekend”

Photographer Shane Hicks’ shot of his nephew playing rugby captures winter weekend mornings with sporty kids. You can feel the crisp cold air and the energy of this bright soul while you stand on the sidelines with the other parents, watching your kids do their best.

Taken by @hicksclicksphotography

A first attempt at surfing at Mawgan Porth. This shot captures what summer family fun is all about! We love this moment that shows the happiness of a successful attempt at something new. We can sense the beginning of a life-long passion for surfing for this one!

Taken by @kate_parmaku


Maybe it’s because they’re big and round, maybe it’s because they’re orange, but pumpkins seem to bring out the fun in everyone. This shot captured by Lucy McAlpine reminds us to celebrate the colourful moments in every season!

Taken by @lucymcalpinephotography

Capturing their first holiday as a complete family, this shot by Mark Beadle is one that definitely needs printing and sent to all the family! We love how they’ve included themselves in the giant letters to make this photo fun and engaging.

Taken by @mark_beadle90


They say never work with children or animals!

“This picture reminds me of the cheekiness of Exmoor ponies. They are beautiful majestic creatures that can be so friendly. (This one tried to eat my jumper) He approached me to see what I had and inspected my camera”. Such a fun and cheeky shot!

Taken by @our_devon_adventures

Playful and creative, we always enjoy seeing the world through Oguz Kalkan’s eyes. His caption gives us an insight into his vision: “A photographer is an illusionist sometimes”. He reminds us we can see the joy, beauty and fun in everyday situations and just a simple change of perspective can let you see the world in unexpected ways.

Taken by @thebirdie_s_world


This incredible shot of wild zebras was taken in the early evening last summer. This image captures the energy and wild freedom of these beautiful animals in motion, leaving a haze of dust in their wake. We know seeing wildlife like this is not your everyday occurrence in the UK, so it’s great that this talented photographer had the eye to capture it and share it with us.

Taken by @pairidaizaphotography

Gathering around the fire at the end of a day’s adventuring, captioned “Stars and us”. This photo captures the intimacy between friends when the quiet of nature brings you together. A chat over a few beers turns into an evening of bonding.

We love the composition here, a perfect moment captured from the right angle, framed beautifully. Not posed, just happenstance.

Taken by @mystero233


Taken at St Margaret’s beach Bay. This shot captures that moment early on a summer morning just before the day starts and the beach gets busy.

“It’s not very often at sunrise but I love it when a shot comes together how you planned. Got down to St Margaret’s Bay with the whole beach to myself after a location scout the day before. Bliss!”

Taken by @mals6

The beauty of the milky way captured in South West Cornwall

“While camping in Cornwall I was lucky to have four cloudless nights and had my first go at astrophotography. And what an amazing experience it was! This was taken on my second night on the famous causeway in Marazion leading to St Michael’s Mount. I’ve been absolutely fascinated by space my whole life so to combine that with my new found passion of photography was fantastic.”

Alex’s first go at Astro Photography turned out very successful! We want to go out there and try ourselves.

Taken by @alex_leeder_photography


Whether you managed to get out and shoot on World Photography Day or look through the boxes and (gigabytes) of existing photos you have, we hope you were inspired to capture your own meaningful moments on camera and print. Have a look at our excellent range of wall art products to see how you can feature your favourite photographs in your home as well as photo gifts.

We feel very lucky to have created this community of photographers who love to share their work, and who we are proud to feature. We would love you to join in, so if you have photos that you want the world to see, head to Instagram and tag #jessopsmoment and don’t forget to follow us @jessopsphoto and @jessops.




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