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Fab Photo Gifts for a truly memorable summer

Photo Gifts for a memorable summer

We’re in the middle of a glorious British summer, and long balmy evenings are stretching out ahead. Summer BBQs, picnics and Pina Coladas are on the menu every weekend, and friends seem to be over at the drop of a hat. Days like this seem to last forever. Living in the moment is easy, and capturing them is part of the fun. You’ll love looking back at these memories in years to come. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you capture those memories in a way brings together the whole family and puts a smile on all their faces this summer, no matter the weather.

Too many chefs?

There’s no such thing as too many chefs when it comes to BBQs, no matter what anyone says. We think a great way to get every generation involved in the family fun is personalised aprons, especially when you have boxes of old family photos to choose from! Dig out your funniest foodie photos – we’re thinking an old picture of Dad covered in ice cream as a boy, or Grandad BBQ-ing in the rain! Have them printed them on aprons for each of the BBQ crew. Don’t forget to add text to your design for an extra element of fun – and to let everyone know that the littlest Chef is in charge!


Create a splash at the Pool Party


The weather may be hit and miss on this island but when it’s hit, we love to hit the pools, lidos and beaches and soak up every drop of British summer sun. Flick through your favourite poolside pics to get you in the mood for splashing about or print out your favourite snorkelling or diving photos onto a Beach Towel to lay on the sun lounger. The perfect way to remind you of your favourite deep-sea memories, or bring a smile to everyone’s face with a picture of Rover post-swim looking splash-tastic!

Choppy Chop

We all have our ideas of what makes the perfect picnic and BBQs but at Jessops we think (we KNOW) no outdoor feast is complete without a potato salad. For essential al fresco dining memories that tantalise the taste buds, why not chop those spuds on a personalised Chopping Board? What to put on it? Your funniest vegetable-related memories of course! A picture of your green-fingered mum digging up her veggie patch proudly holding up her homegrown carrots, or hubby tucking into the sprouts at Christmas… trust us there is a vegetable-related photo in every collection!


Snug as a bug in a personalised rug


Childhood family picnic blankets bring back so many memories. You only need to see one picture of an old family picnic and you’re transported right back to sitting on that tartan rug with the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Why not make those memories even more vivid with a Photo Blanket? Spark memories for the older generation in your family with an old photo of a family picnic, or a recent one of their grandchildren enjoying their favourite food printed on the blanket. Plus, its super soft material is perfect for wrapping up a chilly child in the rare chance the temperature drops in this glorious British summer!


The Book of your Summer

We can spend hours going through old photos reminiscing on summer activities with all the family. BBQs with Dad’s charcoal-flavoured burgers and mum’s famous potato salad, bad hairstyles and worse fashion choices. This gives us all the more reason to capture our new experiences and allow you to relive those moments for years to come. A printed Photo Book is a wonderful way of making sure you can flick through your happy memories year after year. Enjoy laying out your photos in a way that tells a story, be creative with captions on the pages, personalise it any way you like and benefit from the wide choice of coloured backgrounds to suit your taste. A wonderful keepsake for yourself, or a fantastic gift for each member of your summertime crew. Have a look at our selection of Photo Books here.


Whichever way you choose to capture this summer’s memories, make sure you find a way to get them off your memory card or social media feeds and into print for future generations to enjoy. With prints available from 8p each, and selected Photo Books at 50% off this week, we’re sure we can make your memories as warm and fuzzy as an August afternoon in Devon.


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