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6 Fun ideas to personalise your festival season

Festival essentials for a cool and cosy camping experience

Whether you’re sharing a tent with your friends this festival season or taking your little ones to their first proper festival, making your camping experience as glamp-tastic as possible is a top priority if you want to create funky memories worth framing. You don’t need to take a crateful of gear to fulfil this vision, a few essential items will be sure to make this festival as cosy and homely as it is cool and carefree. Here are a few suggestions for before, during and after the festival to make those memories last long after the last band has played.

Gimme Shelter


Kitting out your tent in cushions and blankets may not seem essential – but when you return to your tent at 4am and you’re tired, cold and in need of home-comforts, a tent full of cosy cushions with your cute dog/cat/baby’s face printed on them will seem like the best thing ever. Who could be homesick when they’re wrapped up in a blanket with a picture of their loved ones on them? No-one. As with the beach towel below, you should choose your favourite high-res image for your blanket, or create a tile effect with a lower res phone photo.

Here comes the sun

Now that the hot weather here in the UK has us seeking shade and at all times, it’s so important to keep hydrated. Plastic-free incentives are sweeping the nation so bringing your own reusable water bottle is a must. Luckily we’ve got you covered; our stainless steel water bottles can be personalised and printed with any picture you choose so you can make it as ‘you’ as you want. Why not surprise your crew with matching personalised bottles with fun photos of you all printed on? With the thermal-insulated lining, your water will be as chilled as the champagne in the VIP tent. And who’s saying it has to be water in there anyway…?


Handbags and Gladrags


The thing about festival clothes is that you want them to be nice, but you know there’s a chance they could end up covered in mud, beer, or about 5 tons of glitter and end up unsalvageable. So on that basis, why not make one-off fun festival T-shirts – that way you can go all out! Print your favourite memories of you and your friends’ happiest / funniest moments on them. Think a collage of dodgy dance moves mixed with sassy selfies… The picture of you all dancing on the table at a birthday? That’s the one to go for. Make sure you add the text of your favourite phrases, quotes and in-jokes from your group to make them as “team” as possible. Use our Creation Tool to make your design and choose from loads of colours, layouts and fonts. Be warned, we can’t guarantee you’ll not want to wear it again.

High and Dry

It’s time to brace the cold shower at the festival, and you need to keep spirits high. A personalised towel will make an ice shower an event to look forward to. Our beach towels are great for displaying pictures really big, making them the ideal gift to bring out your funny side for your festival squad! So get your memory card out of your camera and zoom in on those funny faces. If your best images are only low-resolution phone pics but they’re perfect and you absolutely need to use them, there’s a way around it. Just upload it to our Creation Tool, choose a layout with multiple frames and drop your photo in every square.


After the Festival

The festival is over and you and your friends go separate ways, but you’re already sharing your best photos on your group chat from your train’s dodgy wifi. Once you’ve found the most flattering (and funniest) pictures the next step is to display them in a way that does them justice. We love the idea of creating a collage with them in this Framed Multi Print. Just select your favourite 13 photos and have your Multi Print made either in-store or click and collect here. The price includes the frame and prints.


Bohemian Rhapsody


If you’re looking to relive the festival’s carefree vibe, why not go DIY and display your images in this boho-chic style with retro prints. You can print your Retro Prints from your phone or camera in-store at our kiosks. Just secure them with twine, cute mini pegs and possibly some fairy lights for added Bohemian flair, and you’ll have a festival display in no time.

We hope these essentials will help you and your crew stay hydrated, keep cosy and warm and have fun during the festival, and relive the fun afterwards. When you print your photos, your festival fun never has to end. If any of you talented creatives out there make any of these ideas with Jessops, don’t forget to tag us at #jessopscreations for a chance to get featured on our page!


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