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The Ultimate Summer Compact Cameras Guide

The Ultimate Summer Compact Camera Guide

You’ve been waiting for this moment the whole year and now it’s time to pack your bags, put the sunscreen on and get ready to relax. Whether you made plans or going with the flow, putting your flip flops on or listing down the must-see places to visit, what you really need to own is seizing the holiday vibe and shooting your memories as you imagined them.

You need more than your smartphone to capture those special moments and be able to show off when you’re back. Also, holidays mean to switch off and chill, stop checking your emails and turn that flight mode on!

Whatever getaway style is your holiday we have the perfect compact camera type for you and the spot-on keepsake to relive your memories over and over.

The current broad selection in the compact range can make you feel like you want to give up your research before even starting. Forget unrelatable advice, here’s your go-to guide to find the best compact camera for your Summer. We can tell you why your phone is not the answer to create the unforgettable holiday shots you deserve to cherish forever.

Family holidays

Make your family time failproof

You won’t trade your little tornados for nothing in this world, but what happens when you cannot risk buying something that won’t last longer than one day on the beach? How would you get lovely memories of your chaotic tribe if nothing is that solid to survive impossible fetching or endure toy treatment shocks?

You need a savior (probably an extra heart to double gasp too) and Tough is the stunt-compact camera you want. This little brave-hearted knight would be the waterproof and underwater magic, the shockproof, crushproof, freezeproof dream that will survive your children sand castle saga. No puddle or wave are too big for this buddy and your holidays will never be so memorable.

Your dive challenge, your ice cream feast, you will be able to record every fun activity and share it straight away with Granma and Grandpa at home when opting for the built-in Wi-Fi feature.

The tough compact camera type is the affordable investment to make ridiculously effortless and stress-free snaps of your best times together.

(Photo Credit: @Traveliciousfamilies at Instagram.com)


Get the picture

Beach trips are Fun for the whole family but especially fun when you’ve got Fido to splash about with. Even if you can’t take your family pet with you when you fly, you can still include them in every splash, with a personalised printed beach towel featuring their furry face! The perfect way to keep any salty tears at bay. And the best thing they will still be in every beach shot! But moments worth capturing make photos worth printing, so why not let summer stretch throughout the year with a Framed Multi Print? Pick 13 of your best shots, and make sure you’ve got collection of sunny snaps to wake up to on that grey Monday in November.

Best Friends Forever

Best Friend Memories

The time away with your besties is around the corner. The trip you were dreaming of since you were children is finally happening: you cannot miss any chance to rock your photos together whilst shooting the most iconic places you’re planning to stop by.

You are the catwalk backpackers, the travellers’ gang that cannot take away any precious suitcase space from the looks you have so meticulously put together for your Instagram feed. Your irreplaceable mate is the SuperZoom compact camera. This is the jewel small enough to fit in your pocket or the very small pochette you’re planning to buy as you land!

SuperZoom are the versatile type that will allow you to grasp the real soul of the place you’re visiting as well as killing your content game without breaking the bank.

Enjoy exploring the composition game thanks to the amazing zoom range and keep up with your vlogging sesh with the built-in Wi-FI option making your trip the essence of #squadgoals. Own the vacay selfie scene with the tilt screen for a month-worth of Throwback Thursday contents.

(Photo Credit: @Yasmiineyassou at Instagram.com)



Touching down at home and going your separate ways may make your heart sink a little but the trip of a lifetime won’t be forgotten. Want to find the perfect way of marking the experience but not quite ready to commit to matching tattoos? Our vote would be to turn your curated content into a coffee table keepsake, a Photo Book. Create perfect post-trip gifts for each of your friends with multiple copies. A Mini Photo Book can feature your sun-soaked Insta feed with its small but perfectly formed size from 10cm x 10cm, but as your travel pics will be high-resolution photos taken with a Superzoom, you can go big. Show off your tan with a 12-inch Premium Photo Book, and that perfect picture where you ALL look good? That’s your front cover right there.

Wildlife Adventure

Bridge into the Wild

This Summer you are going solo for the real deal: connecting back with nature and switching off from the busy urban life. You can’t wait to enjoy the silence of the early foggy mornings of steep hiking, far away from the 9-5 life and closer to your true passions.

The sense of wonder, feeling the natural elements and rediscovering the beauty of the uncontaminated wildlife are your goals, and the Bridge camera is the only companion you don’t want to leave behind.

This is the best camera to venture into new compositions and subjects, taking your time to perfect your nature macro shots as well as making the most of the incredibly long telephoto lens to catch birds in flight. You can combine this with the burst mode for predator-prey action or just indulge in wide-angle photography to deliver breath-taking landscapes photos. Also, the electronic viewfinder could really help in extremely bright light conditions. No need to sacrifice your camping equipment either as a bridge camera is still a compact size even if feels like a DSLR. (Photo Credit: @Jaynebondphoto at Instagram.com)


Print your own adventure

It won’t be the last time you get back to nature and you can’t wait for your next adventure, but the sights are still clear in your mind on your return. Letting the memory of the vivid flora or the turquoise waters fade away is not an option, so display them proudly. Print them onto the very best in colour and gloss with an Acrylic Print and enhance their shine. Resistant to colour fade and available in up to 1m wide they’re perfect for epic landscapes, panoramas and bringing the pixel-perfect gradient of that sunset to life.

You’re at one with nature but you can’t help but miss the face of your partner-in-crime back home. Keep them close to hand and stay hydrated through all that trekking with a personalised water bottle and see their smiling face when you reach the top of that mountain. Thermally insulated, the cool water from the spring will still be cool when you get up there.

Romantic City Break

From Premium with Love

It’s always about quality when it comes to spending time with your significant one. Everything looks and tastes very different and you really want the best for the two of you. You envision to fulfill your own La La Land fantasy of luxury and romance: the five-star hotel, the first-class restaurant, the best city views. All you need is a Premium compact camera.

The superior hardware and better image processor are meant to project the exact caliber of your exclusive date, providing you with the supreme quality to take your shots to the next level.

Late breakfast in bed never felt so scrumptious than what you could celebrate with your champion camera using the tilt screen and a look down perspective. A strong long exposure will feel like a walk in the park when capturing the distinctive European flare during your candlelit dinner: the intuitive manual exposure controls and ISO sensitivity range won’t take attention away from your one and only. You can also get creative using the bokeh style and let your other half portrait pop over LA night lights because of the shallower depth-of-field execution from the larger sensor than other compact camera types. (Photo Credit: @Dinubianca at Instagram.com)


Share the Love

Not that you’re boasting, but you’re having the time of your life and you want your friends and family back home to share your experience. You know that social media post won’t have the personal touch you want, so say ‘wish you were here’ with a personalised Wooden Postcard sent directly from our app, and make sure your favourite snap reaches your loved-ones in quality and style.

Whether you realise it now or not, these photos are the ones that last. These are the pictures that will be up in your ‘forever home’. The ones that in 25 years your children will see how much they look like you, and they’ll be able to tell visitors the story behind when Mum and Dad went travelling around Europe, how that was mum’s favourite dress and how Dad thought his hair was really cool but it wasn’t… There will be one photo in this collection that becomes the one that lasts. So make sure you print it to last. A canvas or an aluminium print will stand the test of time, all you need to do is create the memories.

No matter what holidays you are looking forward to experience you must be able to capture the essence of your trip and the highlights of your happy times with the best options available. Identifying the proper compact camera to use will guarantee your shots to be outstanding and your memories worth printing.


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