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Top ways to show off your
holiday photos

Seven things everyone should do with their holiday photos

Blue skies, long lunches, sunshine and apéritifs by the pool… the only thing we don’t love about holidays is that they have to end. But does that mean all those happy holiday memories need to fade along with our tan lines? No! There are plenty of ways to keep those magical moments alive, and they all involve making the most of your holiday photos! Whether you turn them into stylish wall art, adorn your clothes or accessories, or create luxurious photo books for everyone to admire, there are more things you can do with those glorious holiday pictures than you can shake a cocktail umbrella at. Here are our favourite ideas for keeping those sunny memories alive (we’re just sorry we can’t help you with the fading tan lines…).

Hang it all


At the very least, you owe it to yourself to print out your best holiday photos – what joy will they bring if they’re left to languish on your camera roll or social feed? So print, print, print away – you will thank yourself later. Once you’ve got your stack of technicolour travel memories, you can have some fun with them! Frame them, make a collage, or decorate an empty wall with your faves. For a simple, low-cost and effective way to display your sunny snaps, take a spool of string, some clothes pegs and, if you’re very motivated, some twinkly lights. Just add your photos… magical!

Create your own wall art

Some holiday photos deserve to be treated as very special. You know the ones – they make you glow with happiness when you look at them. The sunset was just right, your toddler was looking extra-cute in their sun hat, you and your partner looked so happy after a swim in the sea… So put those favourite holiday images on canvas and turn them into wall art! Select one gorgeous holiday photo to make a powerful impact in a room, or make a series of smaller ones to create a gallery wall. Displaying your lovely pictures in your home means you can enjoy your holiday all year round.


Turn your camera roll into a photo book


Holidays were invented so they could be photographed and displayed in glorious coffee table photo books. Create your own unique album full of summer memories and you’ll have something to treasure forever. Think how amazing it will feel to hold a book in your hand containing a selection of your own treasured holiday images – so much more satisfying than scrolling through your phone or social feed! Our luxurious, premium layflat photo books are an excellent choice for beautiful pictures from foreign climes. Create a photo book for your coffee table and you’ll capture that joyous holiday feeling, even in the depths of winter.

Turn them into posters

Holiday photos are ideal for displaying in children’s rooms. Perhaps your kids can’t stop talking about their trip to Disneyland, or their latest camping adventure, or a day out at a water park or sandy beach. Print out the best snaps showing them in their favourite places and turn them into posters for their bedrooms. You’ll bring a smile to their little faces and instantly update their bedrooms, too!


Magnetic attraction


If it’s not on a fridge magnet, it didn’t happen! So you need a holiday fridge magnet or ten in your life and on your fridge (or any other magnetic surface, for that matter). Turn your holiday pictures into pretty and functional decor pieces, and they’re sure to make you smile every time you reach for the milk. Alternatively, select your favourite photos and make them into table coasters. You can make them as functional as you like, or use them as unique art pieces by mounting them on a wall, bringing the magic of your holiday into your home in an unusual way.

Make a terrific towel

Here’s a great way to have some fun with a treasured holiday snap and keep those memories alive: create a personalised photo towel and relive that special holiday every time you dry yourself! Luxuriously soft and absorbent, a photo beach towel is an essential for every beach, pool, bath or shower – you’re creating something wonderfully practical, and a work of art at the same time! A photo towel makes a great gift, too – it’s never too early to buy a Christmas pressie!


Scrap everything!


Scrapbooking is a lovely way to capture your holiday memories, as you can add some really personal touches and get as creative as you dare. Add a map of your road trip as a background, and create collages with objects that bring back memories – use anything from that posh restaurant napkin to the bus ticket you bought on the way to the beach, or a photo of your pebble or shell collection. You could add pages from a travel journal, Instax photos, funny messages or captions from family and friends… The joy of a scrapbook is that it’s great fun to make, as well as wonderful to return to again and again to relive those treasured moments. Jessops has everything you need to start scrapbooking — drop into your local store to find out more.


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