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Best ever Father’s Day
photo book ideas

Eight ways to bring your Father’s Day photo book to life

What’s the perfect Father’s Day gift? A tie? Nope! Aftershave? Think again. A gift voucher? Absolutely not! We have the best idea ever for a really personal present that’ll show just how much you love your dad/granddad/partner this Father’s Day! A fabulously presented, high-quality Father’s Dayphoto book filled with special memories is enough to make a grown man cry (with joy, obvs). And the best thing of all? It’s so easy to create: simply choose your favourite Daddy pics, upload them and you’ve created a fabulous photo book in as little as five minutes. With our pre-made Father’s Day photo book template, we’ve done all the hard work for you – so just click here to get started!

Daddy and me


Here’s how to make a great gift and have some family fun at the same time. Sit down with your kids and ask them to list their favourite moments from the past year with their dad (or granddad), then collect together photos from those events to create a lovely memory book (a soft touch matte photo book is ideal for adding a touch of luxury to this special Father’s Day photo book gift). When you’re choosing your photos, you’ll want to include the big events – that camping holiday, his birthday party, his team winning the footie… but don’t forget the sweet, everyday moments, too: those bedtime stories and cuddles on the sofa are just as important, and often make the sweetest memories for both kids and dads.

Child's eye view

Creating a Father’s Day photo book gift with Jessops is child’s play – so why not let your little ones have a go at it? Lend them a phone or camera and give them a free rein to have fun taking snaps for their very own book for Dad or Grandpa. It can be fascinating to see the world through your child’s eyes – and even better, this little project will keep them entertained for hours! If you’re a mum, you could indulge in a fun, creative, secret family photo collaboration with your kids to present to your partner on Father’s Day – we guarantee he’ll love it.


‘Then and now’


You know those fun photos that go viral on social media – the ones in which siblings or groups of friends or family members re-enact a childhood photo? Well, it’s easy to do that with your kids and old photos of their dad. If you don’t already have his family childhood photos to hand, ask his relatives to send you some – the funnier the better. Then you can have some real fun recreating those shots with your family. This is such an entertaining idea that you might want to order extra mini books for his relatives, too!

50 things we love about Daddy


Play a game with your children by asking them to come up with a list of things they love about Dad, then find the pictures that capture them. You could use snapshots of him actually doing those things with the kids, or take cute photos of your children holding up messages or drawings that depict these favourite things. You could also create prompts, like “My dad makes me laugh when…” or “My dad makes the best…” The answers, especially from younger kids, can be hilarious. Which, of course, makes this ‘Happy Father’s Day” gift that much more fun.

My first year with Daddy

Is this his first Father’s Day? Then create a book celebrating all the firsts he’s experienced with your baby: that first cuddle, first smile, first bath… you know the stuff! You could even add touching or funny captions. A lovely premium layflat photo book is perfect for this, as it’ll take pride of place on the coffee table for years to come! The first year as a new parent is wonderful and terrifying in equal parts, and a photo book capturing these memories can be a truly beautiful way to celebrate getting through it!


Fun time Dad


Whether every word that comes out of his mouth is hilarious or just – without fail – a little bit embarrassing, how about putting together a book of classic Dad-isms? Get everyone involved in this, from his best friend to his relatives. But do make sure he’ll find them funny – this idea will only work if he has a good sense of humour! A hard cover photo book is perfect for this, as it’s likely to get passed around and pawed over rather a lot in years to come!

Magical memories

Here’s one for nostalgic dads everywhere! Select some of your favourite photos from years gone by, delving back into his childhood. It’s easy to scan prints from the past so make use of modern technology. Capture all the major milestones of his life – school photos, sibling pictures, wedding photographs, new homes, new babies… you could even venture higher up the family tree and find photos of your dad’s parents and grandparents. Nothing says ‘I love you’ or brings a happy tear to the eye like a beautifully bound book full of pictures. For a real ‘This Is Your Life’ moment, choose a faux leather cover photo book and present it to him with a flourish!



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