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Six wedding photo book ideas to try today

Does reliving your wedding day over and over ever get boring? Of course it doesn’t! In fact, it’s one of the many joys of married life! Looking at those photos brings a warm and fuzzy glow every time – so you owe it to yourself (and your partner) to make the most of every single picture. That means making sure you don’t leave any of those happy memories to languish on your laptop or in cyberspace – they need to be seen in their full glory! So give your happy wedding memories a home in the real world by making them into brilliant wedding photo books. Here are just a few easy ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to share your photo book ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Truly, madly deeply


You may be married now, but how often do you tell your wonderful partner just how much you adore them? Not often enough? Then this one’s for you! Make your other half a premium layflat photo book filled with lovely pictures of you together, and give it to them as a surprise post-wedding or anniversary gift – it’s the perfect way to show someone how much you love them. Choose the really intimate wedding shots that you know have special meaning – the ones where you’re sharing a private moment together, laughing or holding hands. And don’t forget to include the little details that you know will trigger happy memories, from the wedding bouquet to the footprints in the sand on that glorious honeymoon…

Do something different!

Okay, so you have your official wedding album(s), but what about all those photos your guests took while they were enjoying the celebrations? Ask them to send you any photos they took (yes, including the ones of Grandpa dancing after too much Champagne) or reorder some snaps from your photographer if necessary. There will be plenty of pictures stored away that deserve to be appreciated and shown off in all their glory. They don’t have to be perfect shots: sometimes the spontaneous snaps taken with a phone can be just as evocative. The joy of a wedding photo book is that you can fill as many pages as you like with as many photos as you like, so don’t hold back!


Make it real!


Do you spend too much time scrolling through your Insta feed every time you want to reminisce? Well, stop! It’s so much more enjoyable to have a book you can touch and feel, filled with your favourite wedding photos. Who wants to be glued to a phone or laptop every time they want to relive that special day? Putting your treasured images in a lovely photo book makes it easier to share them – whether it’s with your partner, your family, or your mates – over a nice cuppa or glass of wine. So select your favourite pictures from your partner’s social pages, combine them with yours and create a real live Insta photo book in the real world. For a real touchy-feely experience, choose one of these gorgeous soft touch matte photo books.

A funny thing happened…

Get your partner laughing – over and over again – by making a comedy wedding photo book showcasing the funniest, silliest moments of your wedding day and the run-up to it (as well as the aftermath!). You can add funny captions and jokes to make it even more personal. Have a look through the photos from your big day and we bet you’ll be spoiled for choice for snaps that raise a smile: Auntie Ada dozing off during the speeches, the kids with their faces in the chocolate fountain, your mum giggling at the best man’s wedding speech… Capturing all those funny moments in one photo book can be great fun, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your faces for years to come.


Tell your love story


You’ve been through countless moments of happiness together, from the time you first met to your glorious wedding day and beyond. Compiling a ‘story book’ is a great way to share the tale of your love, and it’ll make for a heartfelt treasure for years to come. Find the first ever photo you have of the pair of you together, and build up the story of your love from there, showing all your favourite memories, from holidays to special meals out, parties and funny selfies. The wonderful thing about a photo book is that it’s a work in progress, so you can add pages to it or create new volumes as your relationship blossoms over the years.

Get your highlights done

Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture all the best bits of your wedding day in one little book and send it to everyone who made it special? Well, you can! A mini photo book is so easy to make and costs very little, so it’s a perfect way of sending a truly personalised thank you to the all the wonderful people who made your day so special. You can also send them to friends and relatives who couldn’t be there to share your big day with you – a mini photo book will show them all the best bits, so they’ll almost feel as though they were there!



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