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How to brighten up your home with your wedding photos

It takes months – even years – to plan a wedding, and yet the sad fact is that it’s all over before you can say ‘pass the champagne’. While you may not be able to make your special day last for ever, you can do the next best thing and make those fabulous wedding photos into beautiful home displays to look at every day! Turning your wedding photos into stylish decor for your home will commemorate your special day in a gorgeously unique way. Here are some inspiring ideas for wedding photo displays that are sure to keep those memories front, centre and everywhere in between!

Create a work of art


Making your favourite wedding photo into a canvas print is a wonderful way to showcase your love, and will turn that special moment into a beautiful work of art. The only tricky bit is choosing your best picture! Canvas prints work particularly well for close-up shots that show off the unique details of your wedding (your hands together, or the tie of a wedding dress, for example) and intimate close-ups can give a really romantic vibe to any room. For a timeless look, try using a black and white or vintage filter for your image.

Make every day a happy day!

Reflect on your favourite wedding moments all year round with a photo calendar – it’s a brilliant way to relive those magical moments every day of the year. A modern personalised desk calendar will look great in a home office, while a wall-hanging version can really complement your kitchen decor. And you don’t need us to tell you that calendars are very useful too! No need to wait until January to make a calendar – you can start it on any month of the year. There’s an extensive array of personalised photo calendars available – just choose 12 wonderful photos for your year, or make a collage of photos (up to 30 images per page) if you prefer!


Books of joy


Oh, coffee table books, how we love you! Wedding photos were invented so they could be displayed in a glorious coffee table photo book. Create your own unique, beautiful volume full of stunning wedding memories and you’ll have something to treasure for ever – and you’ll be adding an ultra-personal focal point to your living room, too. Think how amazing it will feel to hold a book in your hand containing a selection of your own treasured wedding images (it’s so much more satisfying than that Instagram feed – honest!). Our luxurious, premium layflat photo book or soft touch matte hard cover photo books are both an excellent choice for a special occasion where you’ve got loads of images to include.

Opt for understated style

While it can be tempting to fill your house with framed images of your special day, sometimes too much of a good thing can ruin the impact. So instead of tons of framed wedding pictures on dressers, nightstands and mantels, make more of a statement by choosing one special area of your home and creating a mini-gallery wall with your photos. This is especially handy if you don’t want to choose just one or two big prints, and prefer to mix up a bit of everything – the wonder of a gallery wall is that you can mix patterns, frames and themes to your heart’s content.


Magnetic attraction


Wedding photo magnets : who’d have thought they were a thing? If it’s not on a fridge magnet, it didn’t happen, so you need a wedding magnet or ten in your life and on your fridge! Turn your wedding photos into pretty and functional decor pieces – they’re so easy to create and are sure to make you smile every day. Alternatively, select your favourite photos and turn them into table coasters. You can make them as functional as you like, or use them as unique art pieces by mounting them on a wall, bringing the magic of your wedding into your home in an unusual way.

Crazy in love

If you can’t get enough of your wedding photos, why not go crazy and adorn every surface with a loved-up snap? Wouldn’t you two look delectable on a cooking apron? Or a cushion? Or a mug, perhaps? Or a towel, or a wash bag, or a chopping board…? There’s such an amazing array of items you can personalise with your gorgeous wedding pictures just check these ideas out! The world’s your oyster when it comes to displaying photos of your Big Day, so get cracking and enjoy those precious moments for years to come!



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