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Top 5 ways to
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Take your best photos ever this Easter!

Spring is in the air, and you can officially leave the house without that heavy winter coat (we hope!) and indulge in some wonderful Easter activities. As the whole country bursts into life, there’s so much to see, from bluebell woods and wildflower meadows to Easter bunnies and newborn lambs. So grab your camera, get outside and celebrate the most beautiful time of year. Whether you’re visiting somewhere new or just exploring on your own doorstep, getting closer to nature is incredibly rewarding – and the new season brings a host of wonderful nature photography opportunities, too. Check out these top tips for activities to awaken your senses, make new discoveries and get some fabulous photos in the process.

Tiptoe through the bluebells


There’s something incredibly satisfying about being able to name a wild flower, or recognise a bird singing in the tree in your garden, so spend some time getting to know the natural world around you. The whole family can get involved – just pick up a wildlife identification book or download an app, then head outside and practise. You could even get the kids to start a nature scrapbook: encourage them to note their favourite sightings and take photos as they go, then get the best ones printed to put into their scrapbook.
Try this: One of the best sights to see during April and May are the glorious English bluebell woods up and down the country. Get snapping and select your best photo to create a beautiful wooden panel for your wall – it’s the perfect natural backdrop for your springtime memories.

Watch the dawn break

Even if you’re not a morning person, seeing the dawn breaking and hearing choruses of birdsong has to be an experience everyone tries at least once. There’s nothing quite like being awake as the day breaks, and hearing those first calls of the morning can be magical. Try to find a good spot about an hour before sunrise for the best chance of hearing the birds: woodlands are usually the best place, but you could also try the local park or even your back garden. Just make sure you have your camera at the ready!
Try this: Bring the outside in! Capture an image of the dawn, whether it’s the sun breaking through the trees or a cherry blossom at first light, and get it printed instantly into a poster – it’ll add some instant spring to your walls.


Create some wild art


Nature has been inspiring artists since the earliest cave drawings, so let it inspire you too! Pack up a picnic and take the kids out on a walk, armed with sketchbooks. They’ll love drawing the details and landscapes they come across, or taking creative photos with a phone or camera. They could even make art from the natural materials around you like broken twigs, lost feathers and fallen leaves.
Try this: Take photos of your kids’ artistic creations and put them on canvas to preserve them and create a unique wall display. A collection of photos in a similar theme can look great on different sized canvases for a super spring wall gallery.

Give wildlife a hand

Wildlife and birds can struggle to find food in early spring, so put a feeder in your garden or on your windowsill, and stock it with birdseed or suet balls. This is a great way to lure wildlife into your garden, patio, balcony or any outdoor space, so the whole family can see wildlife in action from the comfort of your home. You could also build a pile of rocks and dead wood to make the perfect home for insects, or create some wildflower seed balls to throw into your flower beds. Eventually they’ll bloom and bring colour to the garden, as well as making a lovely snack for bees and other insects.
Try this: An easy way to add an instant spring vibe to your home is to create a multi-print with your best, most colourful spring photos.


See baby animals galore!


As well as longer, lighter days and beautiful, blossoming flowers, one of the best aspects of spring is getting to see adorable lambs gambolling across the countryside. There are many places to view an abundance of these young, fluffy animals – you’ll find some of the best places on the National Trust website, where you’ll find recommended walks to see lambs. If you’re spending Easter in a city, many have brilliant city farms where you can visit to pet the animals, watch beekeepers, ride ponies, eat local produce and support local wildlife habitats.
Try this: Why not encourage the kids to start their own story books this Easter? Creating an Easter photo book with Jessops is so simple that even a kid can do it – so why not let them have a go? Lend your little treasure a phone or camera to take photos and watch them have fun creating their very own spring book. Better still, do it together and indulge in a fun, creative collaboration.


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