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Photo-worthy fun ideas for Easter celebrations

Easter is a very special time of year – and not just because we get to gorge ourselves silly on chocolate! For most of us, Easter brings a welcome break from work and school – meaning that we get to spend some time with the people we love most. At Jessops, we want to inspire you to celebrate, so we’ve got some brilliant activities to help you get the most out of your precious ‘together time’ and create some truly happy Easter memories. Just make sure you’ve got your camera at the ready – and don’t forget to share your fave Easter and Spring photos with us on Instagram and Facebook!

Start an Easter egg treasure hunt

Egg marks the spot with this Easter-themed spin on treasure hunting! Keep your little chicks entertained by rustling up a batch of homemade treats (or getting some chocolate eggs from the shop if you’re short of time). Then play at being the Easter bunny by hiding the treats around your house and garden to create the ultimate egg hunt. For older kids, you could hide clues suggesting where the tastiest treats might be. If you don’t want to use eggs but still want a treasure hunt, why not organise a photo gift hunt instead! Send everyone on a hunt, with their own personalised clues leading them to a gift created by you. It could be something you’ve made, a photo key ring, a fridge magnet, a photo card or anything personal – these little tokens will be loved and treasured and you’ll be creating an Easter they’ll always remember.


Make your own Easter gifts


Here’s our favourite idea for Easter fun: make your own gifts for all the people you love. For a thoughtful surprise that’s practical too, personalised photo mugs filled with chocolate eggs will go down a storm with kids aged three to 103! Decorate your mugs with treasured photos, choosing a different picture for each family member (order them online here ). Then stuff your mug with chocs and treats and – voila! – you’ve created a wonderful surprise that will delight all the family on Easter Sunday. Top tip: Add a dash of colour to your gift by choosing one of these Colourful Photo Mugs– they come in red, yellow or blue.

Add a splash of colour

No Easter celebration is complete without an array of colourful eggs, so make yours eggs-tra special by getting artistic! All you need to do is make an egg decorating station – it’s a hugely enjoyable way to unleash your family’s creativity. Artists of all ages can get inventive – just gather a mountain of hard-boiled eggs, paints (watercolour or acrylic), paintbrushes of different sizes, stickers, glue, glitter, photos to cut out, bits of fabric, and you’re away! Adults can get in on the fun by helping kids make special patterns, or encouraging them to paint faces on their eggs, Humpty Dumpty style. You could even add a little friendly competition by holding a vote on the best design. Remember to have your camera at the ready for this one!


Get all dressed up


When was the last time you had a spontaneous family picnic? It doesn’t have to be extravagant or meticulously planned – you can just grab a couple of rugs (or even make your own personalised Easter blanket for the occasion!) and some snacks and head to the garden or local park if it’s warm enough. You could even have a picnic in your living room if the weather’s bad. The important thing is to get into the Easter mood by injecting some festive fun – make everyone a set of rabbit ears, get face painting, or get them all to dress up in Easter-themed costumes: chickens and bunnies are always popular! Then fill your hamper with traditional Easter fare: raw carrots, hot cross buns, decorated eggs, chocolate egg nest cakes, rabbit-shaped biscuits… be as egg-stravagant as you like!

Have a competition!


If you know you’ll have trouble dragging your precious ones away from their phones or the telly during the holidays, set them an Easter photo challenge. Give them a time limit – say, an hour – and ask them to take snaps of something beginning with every letter of the alphabet. An apple tree, a bunny, a chick, the dog, an egg, a flower, Grandad… you get the idea. The most inventive photos win an Easter egg! Once everyone has had their fun taking artistic snaps, you can select the best photos to make a photo collection for a fabulous multiprint.

Start a photo diary

Make sure everyone takes lots of photos of their Easter celebrations, from egg hunts to egg decorating, walks in the park to see the spring flowers, faces covered in chocolate, Granny snoring on the sofa after Easter lunch! You can then create an Easter photo book or make a scrapbook along with a few notes. Jessops photo books are perfect for kids – from a mini-photo book about a particular day or trip, to an album depicting every moment of their precious Easter school holiday, so make the most of your snaps!


Don't forget the baubles!


Who said baubles were just for Christmas? Fill one of our giant plastic balls with Easter eggs as part of your treasure hunt, and the kids will go crazy for it! Our giant baubles are available in Jessops stores right now, so grab yours while stocks last. When the eggs have all been eaten, you can use them again at Christmas, decorated with your fave festive photos!


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