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Mother’s Day is the best day of the year!

There’s always excitement at Jessops HQ at this time of year – because the most important day on our calendars is nearly here: Mother’s Day! It gives us the perfect excuse to celebrate our amazing mums and spoil them rotten – we want to let them know just how much they mean to us! Here, five members of the fabulous Jessops team share their feelings about their mums… and why they’ll be giving a gorgeous photo gift this Mother’s Day.

‘She taught us how to find the silver linings’


Taimen Zlattner, Jessops Social Media Executive
‘My mum is the rock of my family and has always been a role model for me and my sister. Growing up in Zimbabwe, life was not always easy, but she taught us how to find the silver lining in any situation. She always encourages us to chase our dreams and to be whoever we want to be. I only hope that I will be half the mother she is! Family is the most important aspect of her life so I know she would love something personal and unique for Mother’s Day. Being so far away, I can’t wait to send her a photo gift that she will treasure forever. I love you mum!’

‘Memories are what she treasures most’

Kosar Ahmed, Jessops Senior Digital Designer
‘Through all her struggles in life, my mum has never given up on me and my siblings and has always loved us unconditionally. As we have grown up, she has supported us physically, mentally, emotionally and financially and we would not be who we are today without her. As the years have gone by, we have captured so many precious memories and these memories are what she treasures the most. I know she will love a personalised photo gift, as this will be the perfect way to keep those memories alive. She knows I love her and the perfect photo gift of us will show her just how much.’


‘One thing I am sure of: our love is unconditional’


Raquel Machado, Jessops Marketing Executive
‘Since I was a little girl everyone has always said that my mum and I are really alike. And not just physically. We both have really similar personalities and it can definitely be a challenge sometimes! But one thing I am sure of: our love is unconditional and she will always support me, no matter what! Since this is my first year away from home, I am sure a personalised gift with a lovely photo of us will make her really happy! Like me, she loves going through her treasured photos in her old photo albums, remembering happy moments. Beijinho Mãe!’

‘Mum has become the bedrock of the family’

Richard Bradford, Jessops Web Content Manager
‘My mum has always been – and continues to be – there to support us emotionally and financially, through thick and thin. God knows what we would have done without her! Since my dad passed away, my mum has become the bedrock of the family; always active, always supportive and always helping others in the community. She is a real diamond and I love her to bits. A personalised photo gift will be the perfect present for Mother’s Day to remind her of her of happy times with her beloved family.’


‘She has always shared my hopes and dreams’


Eleanor Porter, Jessops Category Manager – Accessories
‘My mum is one in a million – she must be to put up with me! Ever since I can remember, she has put me and the family first, she has always shared my hopes and dreams and done anything in her power to support me in achieving them. Without her love I do not know where I would be today. She helped me through some dark times and every day I work towards a future that will make her proud. For such a special mum I need a special gift, so a personalised photo gift from Jessops is the perfect way to show her how important she is to me.’

Give your mum a photo gift for Mother's Day!




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