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Marvellous ideas for Mother’s Day photo books

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea? Something thoughtful, personal and unique? A meaningful present that will show just how much you love her? Then you’ve come to the right place. A Jessops Mother’s Day photo book is a wonderful thing to behold: a beautiful, high-quality book filled with photos capturing special moments and shared memories. We challenge you to think of a better pressie for your mum. And it’s so easy to create: simply choose your Mother’s Day pictures, upload them and create a fabulous photo book in as little as five minutes – it’s the perfect Mother’s Day craft idea! With our pre-made Mother’s Day photo book template, we’ve done all the hard work for you – so just click here to get started!
Whether you want to use precious childhood snaps or your latest mum-starring Instagram images, here are just a few ideas and themes for a photo book that will make this Mother’s Day unforgettable.

Funny mummy


Add a bit of fun to life this Mother’s Day with a quirky gift: a photo book full of funny moments (and, most importantly, lots of love). You know the pictures to include: the snap of you with the terrible haircut she gave you as a kid, the one of her snoring on the sofa in front of the telly, that snap of the grandkids pulling funny faces – anything that will bring a smile to her face should be included! A photo book full of light and cheer can be looked at again and again – it’ll provide the perfect pick-me-up for years to come!

This is your life!

Take a trip down mum-ory lane by selecting some of your favourite photos from years gone by, delving back into your mum’s childhood. It’s easy to scan prints from the past, so don’t let the olden days fade away! Capture all the major milestones of her life – school photos, sibling pictures, wedding photographs, new homes, new babies… you could even venture higher up the family tree and find photos of your mum’s parents and grandparents. Nothing says “I love you” or brings a happy tear to her eye like a beautifully bound book full of pictures from the past.


Child’s eye view


Creating a Mother’s Day photo book gift with Jessops is so simple that even the kids can do it – so why not let them have a go? Lend your little treasures a phone or camera and let them have fun creating their very own book for you, or for granny! It can be fascinating to see the world through a child’s eyes – and your kids will love this too! If you’re a dad, you could indulge in a fun, creative secret photo collaboration to present to your partner on Mother’s Day.

Hugs from everyone!

Think of all the most important people in your mum’s life – the ones who have been really special to her – and fill your photo book with pictures of them. You could dedicate pages or sections to particular characters, or jumble people up together. Try to include everyone you can think of, from your old uncle who emigrated to Australia to the cat… even the goldfish deserves a look-in if it’s your mum’s pride and joy! You could also add messages of love from everyone – it’s a great way of making sure she gets a virtual hug from all the people she loves!


Food for thought


Why not whip up a collection of family favourites recipes and make your own scrumptious cookbook as a gift for a foodie mum? Ask family and friends to send you their favourite recipes and turn them into a ravishing photo cook book. It can be great fun to collate recipes, whether they’re handwritten or photographed from various cookery books, mixed in with photos of friends and family and your own food photography.

These are a few of my favourite things…

Whether she loves cats or motor racing, stargazing or mountain climbing, how about creating a photo book themed around whatever it is that makes her heart sing? Perhaps there’s a favourite place she likes to go on holiday, a place she loves to spend time in… you know your mum better than anyone, so this is a great opportunity to show that. Of course, you’ll be one of her favourite things, so you can include lots of family photos too.


All the reasons why I love you


Surprise your mum with a special photo book describing all the reasons you love her. Use photos of the two of you and decorate your book with quotes, notes from you, or family jokes. Not sure where to start? Why not write down ten things you love most about her, then think of creative ways to portray these qualities. Use meaningful photos or illustrations, and don’t shy away from using quotes from poems, films or books – get creative!

Here's how to do it!

Our simple photo book creation process means it’s easy for you to design and order your photo book today. With quick delivery, your high-quality photo book will be winging its way to you before you can say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

1. Choose the type of book you want. Select our Mother’s Day template or, if you prefer, you can select from a variety of other options, including premium flat lay, faux leather bound or mini-books.

2. Upload your photos. There’s no limit – you can have as many as you want (we recommend at least 43 to make a book, but you can choose a mini book if you’d like to use fewer). Then choose your page designs and other customisations. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, the automatic page layout is great for first-time users. It puts your photos into your book in chronological order and you can then move and swap them around, add or remove them, and put in text and embellishments.

3. You’ll then get the opportunity to customise each page, choosing things like backgrounds and borders, until you’re completely happy with it.

4. Order your book, sit back and wait! It really is that easy. You’ll need to order it at least a week before Mother’s Day to make sure it arrives in time.



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