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Romantic photo book ideas for Valentine’s Day

The stars aligned the day your eyes met across a crowded room, and there’s been sweet music ever since. Whether you want to sing it from the rooftops or keep it to yourselves, we’ve got the best ever idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s the most romantic thing you can give: unique, incredibly thoughtful and priceless in value. No, it’s not a trip to the moon and back, but it’s the next best thing!  Design your own personal photo book, treasuring your time together, and it will instantly become one of their most treasured possessions – something they’ll turn back to time and time again. Here are just a few inspiring ideas for a romantic-themed photo book to make that special someone’s heart flutter…

The story of us


Creating a photo book means telling a story, and what better one to tell than your own love story? Select your absolute favourite photos: the most natural, spontaneous or funny pictures that show how your love has bloomed. Don’t forget the little details: their hand resting on yours, a selfie reflection in your sunglasses… sometimes, the smallest details can trigger the biggest emotions. Close-ups of the little things can also make original backgrounds for some of your album pages.

10 (or 110) reasons why I love you

Here’s a cute idea for letting someone know just how much you care: put together a photo display of all the reasons you love them. The way they smile, the way they cuddle the cat, the way they fall asleep on the sofa when you’re watching telly… Inject some fun into your photo book by including all those moments you’ve laughed together, the funny faces and silly moments you’ve shared. Just scroll through your phone and you’re bound to find plenty to choose from. 

Try this! For a nice little addition, select your most loved pictures in the album to create two identical photo mugs – one for you, and one for your love!


Will you marry me?


Have you been waiting until Valentine’s Day to pop the question? If hot air balloons in the sunset aren’t quite your style (or budget), you could pop the question in a memorable fashion with a mini photo book. Fill it with lovey-dovey photos, or daft selfies to get them smiling. Then dedicate the last few pages to writing your proposal, with a blank page at the end to add some images once they’ve said “yes”! Not only have you created a thoughtful way to propose, you’ve also made a wonderful keepsake of your years together before you were married.

Our special places

Do you have a top ten list of travel destinations you’ve visited as a couple? Whether you’ve explored the world together, or just the local pubs and cafés in your town, you know where your special places are – so celebrate them! When putting this project together, think carefully about the photo album design to make it look spectacular. A Premium Layflat Photo Book is great for those special landscape shots, as the left and right hand pages flow seamlessly together, so images can be printed without interruption.


These are a few of my favourite things


How about a photo book bursting with photos of all the things your partner loves? The dog/cat/hamster, BBQs in the garden, sandy beaches on a sunny day, skiing in the mountains, their favourite band, cocktail, movie… you get the idea!

Serial thrillers


Make the most of all those photos you have stored away from months or years gone by, and create a series of couples photo albums. Feature special moments and highlight the delightful experiences you’ve enjoyed as the dynamic duo that you are. If you’ve been together for a long time, there will be plenty of birthdays, holidays and adventures to choose from. And if your relationship is in its beginning stages, then you can start the tradition of documenting memories and milestones. One great photo is all it takes to inspire a book or an entire series, so let your thoughts be limitless as you decide on your theme. A Hard Cover Photo Book is a great choice for a memory book – it fits perfectly on a bookshelf so you can keep your whole collection in one place.

Alternative wedding book

Re-living the day you got married never gets boring for couples. You may have your official album, but what about all those photos that didn’t make it? Ask your guests to send any pictures they took on their phones, or re-order some snaps from your photographer if necessary – there’ll be plenty of photos stored away that deserve to be appreciated!


That's a first!


A collection of pictures showing all the first things you’ve done together is another great idea for a romantic and entertaining photo book. Think of all the experiences you’ve had together, whether it’s buying your first house, having your first baby, taking your first holiday together, or even your very first date… all in a lovely touchy-feely soft cover photo book with a choice of page layouts, colourful backgrounds and various sizes .


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