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Happy new year!
Happy new photo book!

Here’s the best way to start 2019…

A new year is beginning, and whether we’re still recovering from the festive period or already getting stuck into our new year’s resolutions, there’s one thing everyone is doing: scrolling through photos and reminiscing about the year left behind… the sunny holidays, the celebrations, the funny moments, the lazy weekends, the Christmas party – all the memorable events that have brought us happiness and joy.

Those photos are some of the most precious things we will ever own, so why do so many of us leave them to languish on phones or hard drives? Photos are taken to be seen, loved and admired – so it’s our duty to print them out and cherish them in the real world! Whether you’re sticking your favourite pictures in frames on the mantelpiece, making a giant canvas for that empty wall, or creating fridge magnets and mouse mats out of them, it’s time to set your photos free!

Want to know our top tip for all those lovely photos? Create a 2018 photo book!  Here are just a few reasons why we think photo books are the best things ever invented, and why you need to make one today…

They’re fun to make


One of the best things about a photo book is that it’s enjoyable to create. There’s real delight to be had in choosing the photos and page layouts and creating a look and feel for your photo displays. And after all that, there’s the wonderfully satisfying feeling of seeing it all come together in a professional-looking finished product. A proper book, created by you, containing all your photos – you can’t beat the feeling!

Try this! A Soft Touch Matte Hard Cover Photo Book gives a high-quality, extra luxurious feel to your unique creation.

They’re the perfect way to show off

Photo books are the most impressive way to display your photos and show them off to family and friends – so much more enjoyable to look at than long slideshows on your laptop or phone. From snaps capturing your kids’ milestones to compositions showing beautiful scenic holiday views, a photo book will bring delight and smiles all round for years to come.

Try this! A Soft Cover Photo Book is lightweight and perfect for passing around when friends or family visit.


You’ll instantly feel more organised

Having thousands of digital photos stored away from years gone by often feels overwhelming, so it can be a great de-stresser to have them organised and displayed in books. Make a photo book for every year and you’ll have instant access to all those memories – in chronological order! Store them on your bookshelf and start your own private photo book library.

Try this! A Hard Cover Photo Book is a great choice for a memory book – it fits perfectly on a bookshelf so you can keep your whole collection in one place.


They make the best gifts ever


A photo book is a wonderful gift to give or receive. When you’re creating your book with Jessops, you can make several copies to share with family and friends, or you can make individual photo books for loved ones – for example, they make great presents for children as they grow up, or as a special keepsake for your partner… there’s a photo book gift waiting to be made for everyone!

Try this! A Mini Photo Book – measuring just 10cm x 10cm or 10cm x 15cm, these mini books might be small but they’re perfectly formed…

You can create a unique work of art

With so many different page designs, hard/soft covers, standard or premium lay-flat binding and different paper types, you can personalise your photo book to be exactly how you imagined it. In other words, your photo book is as unique as you are. It’s a priceless work of art, bursting with the most precious things you’ll ever possess – your memories. On every page, you can choose something different, and you can even write words around the photos to create a proper book.

Try this: A Premium Layflat Photo Book is great for those special landscape shots, as the left and right hand pages flow seamlessly together, so images can be printed without interruption.


They’re even better than photo albums


While we love a good old-fashioned photo album, there are some real advantages to photo books. For a start, the photos can’t fall out, and there’s no fiddling about with stickers or protective film. And, unlike a traditional photo album, a photo book also means you can have more copies made easily. When you buy a photo book, Jessops will keep a digital copy of the book, so you can replace it if anything happens to the original. It’s a book you’ll never lose!

Try this! A Faux leather cover photo book:  If you’re looking for something a little bit special, the clean, crisp look of the faux leather cover gives your book a real touch of luxury.

Here’s how to make your photo book

The simple photo book creation process means it’s easy for you to design and order your photo book today. With quick delivery, your high-quality photo book will be winging its way to you before you can say ‘happy new year’.

1. Choose the type of book you want. A landscape design will look great on a coffee table, while a portrait style is perfect for a photo collection that will easily fit on a bookshelf. The extra large photo books are an excellent choice for a very special occasion where you’ve got loads of images to include, while mini books are great for carrying around with you. And a square photo book is ideal for turning your Instagram and digital photos into printed keepsakes.

2. Upload your photos. There’s no limit – you can have as many as you want (you’ll need at least 20 to make a book). Once you’ve done that, choose your page designs and other customisations. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, the automatic page layout is great for first-time users. It’ll put your photos into your book in chronological order and you can then move and swap them around, add or remove them, and put in text and embellishments. You can then customise each page, choosing things like backgrounds and borders, until you’re completely happy with it.

3. Order your book! It really is that easy. Remember, Jessops Photosmiths are available instore or online if you get stuck.



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