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Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Christmas stocking, right? And we don’t just mean children’s stockings – although they’re jolly important, too! Everyone, no matter what age, loves a stocking – it’s a gladsome, joyous, thoughtful demonstration of festive cheer and love. Whether it’s your partner, your best mate, or even your dog – anyone you adore deserves a stocking!

Of course, Christmas stockings require some thoughtful things inside them. Along with those satsumas, chocolate coins and scented soap, a few wonderfully personal items that show you’ve given it serious consideration will add to the magic this Yuletide. Jessops has created some brilliant personalised gift ideas that are perfect stocking fillers for all ages… and most of them cost less than a fiver!

Click and collect

The good news is that it’s not too late to make your personalised photo Christmas stocking fillers. You can order all the photo gifts mentioned here at Jessops stores around the country, and they’ll be ready the same day with the free Click and Collect service. See here for your nearest store. Choose and order from the comfort of your laptop, then hot-foot it to your nearest store and you’ll have your personalised gifts in your hands in just two hours.


Let it snow


The shimmering magic of snowfall is always mesmerising, whether it’s outside the window or inside your own little world in a classic photo snow dome , from £5. You’d need a heart of ice not to love this snowy, glittery gift, complete with personal photo. 

For even bigger impact, you could splash out on a fabulous glitter blox


Magnetic moments

What did one magnet say to the other magnet? Answer: ‘I find you very attractive.’ Okay, the joke may be terrible, but these personalised fridge magnets, from £2.50, are anything but. They’re perfect stocking fillers because they’re fun as well as useful (where else are we meant to keep our shopping lists, kids’ artwork or reminders to feed the cat?). Millions of fridges around the country are adorned with fridge magnets, but not one of them will look like yours, decorated with your own personalised magnets, created with love using favourite photos. Who wouldn’t want the face of their dog/baby/husband beaming at them when they raid the fridge for turkey leftovers at 2am on Boxing Day?


Marvellous mouse mats


Struggling to think of a gift for the person who has everything? A personalised photo mouse mat, from £2, is your answer. A snap of a special moment is a great way to bring some joy into a day spent at a desk doing spreadsheets. It’s a deceptively simple gift because, with the right photo, it can turn someone’s day around.

Alternatively, how about a set of personalised glass coasters, £5, to adorn the drinks table ?

You’ve been framed!


Sometimes, the best gifts are the simplest. A glass framed print, from £5, is a stylish gift for anyone. Jessops’ glass frames are cool and contemporary, and enhance photos beautifully. That snap of you and your bestie last summer, your baby’s first birthday, your cat snoozing in a cardboard box… Just choose your picture and you’ve created a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

For added impact,  opt for a heart photo glitter box frame,from £5, which contains little hearts that float around when you shake it up. 

Creative calendars

Give someone you love the best start to 2019 with a personalised photo calendar, from £19.99. This is a great little stocking filler for anyone with a busy schedule – just choose 12 photos you know they’ll love, upload them and create a unique calendar to keep them smiling all year.


Get wrapping


What do you call an elf who sings? Answer: A wrapper. Okay, we’ll stop it now – but before we do, we need to let you know about Jessops personalised photo gift wrapping paper , from £2.50. You know those moments when the wrapping paper is better than the present? Well, this could be that moment. Create your own wrapping for all your gifts and stocking fillers and show someone how much you care. You’re welcome.


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