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Ways to say
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Five brilliant ideas to say ‘thank you’

Are you looking for a great way to thank someone special? Perhaps you’ve received a gift from a friend or relative, or someone has gone out of their way to help you – or maybe you just want to let a wonderful person know that you’re grateful to know them. These are the moments when texting ‘thx’ or posting a message on social media just won’t cut it… But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’ve put together some of our favourite thoughtful gestures and small personalised gifts that are the perfect way to thank someone. They’re so thoughtful, in fact, that you might even get a ‘thank you for my thank you gift’! And then, of course, you’ll need to say thank you all over again…

Pay it forward

If you’re struggling to show your appreciation to someone with a big heart, how about offering to volunteer your time or money to a cause they care about? Whether it’s donating to the local hospice or mucking out at a donkey sanctuary, you’ll be spreading the joy! A donation of time or money in your friend’s name is a great way to express your gratitude and how much you admire their generosity… and the added bonus is that you’ll find yourself glowing with warm, fuzzy feelings, too.


Get filming


A thoughtful and easy way to say ‘thanks’ is via a video message – and it’s never been easier, now most of us have smartphones. It’s quick, low-cost and guaranteed to get smiles all round. Turn your camera on yourself and shoot a short or silly video to say thank you, or make a fun film showing how surprised your children are when they open a present. You could bring the whole family together to film a ‘thank you’ message – get the kids to practice first, so they know what to say.

Do something note-worthy

It’s a sad fact that writing thank you notes has gone out of fashion. Everyone loves to receive cards and letters – so it’s time to buck the trend and get writing! Stuck for words? Think about the moment you received your gift and how you felt, then simply write your feelings in a card or note.
Try this: Include a photo with your note and you’ve got more than a thank you message – you’ve got a heartfelt memento. It could be a picture of you using the gift (even if it’s the only time you’ll ever wear that yellow jumper Granny sent you). Or print out a photo of a shared memory to show your appreciation not only for their gift or gesture, but for your relationship. Even better, make your own personalised photo card – it’s quick and easy to do!


Take action


Show your appreciation without words by actually doing something. Everyone has skills, so do what you do best to make someone happy! Love cooking? Bake them a special cake. Love kids? Offer to babysit. Love telling jokes? Take them out for an evening and make ’em laugh! However you decide to say thank you, your actions will be appreciated for a long time to come.

Surprise them with a gift

A photo gift is a great way to say thank you – it’s fun, it’s easy, and it shows you’ve put real thought into your choice. Personalised keepsakes will be cherished for ever – and no one else will ever give them the same gift! Whether it’s a simple photo print or a whole photo book packed with shared memories, a fridge magnet with a funny photo to make them chuckle every day, or a personalised cooking apron, a photo gift is guaranteed to make them smile. Check out more brilliant photo gifts here



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