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7 wonderful ways to celebrate Grandparents’ Day

We’ve all heard of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – but do you celebrate Grandparents’ Day? If it’s not on your calendar, you’re behind the times!

Since it was introduced to the UK ten years ago by Age UK, National Grandparents’ Day has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate the special connection between grandparents and grandchildren. And as one in three of us over the age of 50 in the UK is now a grandparent, that means there’s a lot of celebrating to do!

National Grandparents’ Day 2018 falls on Sunday 7 October. If you need inspiration for ways to celebrate or some ideas for gifts for grandparents, we have a few quick, easy and thoughtful tips that are guaranteed to put a big smile on Gran or Grandpa’s face – not just on National Grandparents’ Day, but on every day of the year…

Make some noise

What sort of music did your grandparents listen to when they were growing up? Whether it was Motown, punk, jazz, swing or rock ’n’ roll, how about creating a playlist for them?

You can spend an afternoon or two together listening to your brilliant creation for a nostalgic musical trip. Music has a way of drawing out memories, so it’s guaranteed to lead to some good conversations. You might even get some dancing in. Remember to have your camera ready!


Get scrapbooking


Dig out those old photos, letters and mementos, add some pics from your phone or hard drive, and create a grandparents’ scrapbook. Better still, make it together – scrapbooking is a perfect activity for uniting generations. Load up on stickers, markers and other craft materials to embellish and personalise your scrapbook. You can get all your scrapbooking essentials at your local Jessops store, and even make one while you’re there. Watch our video to see how easy it is.

Cook up some fun

To make a gastronomic impact, why not try cooking a favourite meal from your grandparent’s childhood? Find out about what recipes hold good memories, and prepare them for a celebratory family meal. Write the recipes down and share them with other family members, so they can keep them for future use. You could even make a mini photo book with recipes and food photos as a keepsake. Complete it with lots of pics of the whole family enjoying the meal.


Go back to school


Whether it’s learning how to paint, sling a fishing rod, plant bulbs in the garden, play a song on the piano, or become a skydiver, you can learn a lot from grandparents – chances are, they’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt, so get some lessons from them!

Simply spending quality time together is what it’s all about, and it’s especially rewarding if you’re developing a shared hobby.

Get creative

If you want something memorable that doesn’t take long to make, a simple photo album is the answer and a wonderful present for grandparents. Print out a selection of favourite pictures of your children, alone or with their grandparents and other members of the family. Slip the snaps into a blank album and have your child jot a note on the inside cover, along with the dates the photos were taken. Even better, collate all your digital pics and make a photo book for their coffee table .


Give a gift that keeps on giving


Parents aren’t the only ones who love to have kids’ art hanging on the fridge and other kiddie creations all over the house! Grandparents love them too, so It would be a shame to deprive them. The range of personalised gifts at Jessops is mind-boggling – a personalised apron, a cushion with the grandkids on it, a fridge magnet, a photo cover for a mobile phone…

If you’re stuck for ideas for wonderful, personal gifts to treasure on Grandparents Day or any other day, look no further!

Send a personal card or letter

Some of life’s pleasures are the simplest. A personalised card telling your grandparents how much you appreciate them will touch their hearts. The gesture of creating a card with a your own artwork and message is guaranteed to raise a smile. Photo cards always go down well, so why not create a bespoke design with your favourite image for an unforgettable memento? Failing that, a letter or note telling your special grandparent why you love them will touch their hearts, and they’ll treasure it forever.


Calling all expectant parents!

For the whole of October, Jessops are offering a free copy of your ultrasound scan photo so that you can keep it or give it away to excited grandparents-to-be! Simply bring in your scan pic into any Jessops store and the team of experts will print you out a copy.


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