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5 ways to make your uni room feel like home

5 ways to make your uni room feel like home

Are you about to start uni? If so, one of the first things you’ll want to do is settle into your new accommodation. It may look a tad bare when you first arrive, but it won’t take long to turn it into a place you adore, with a few easy uni room decor tips.

The one magic ingredient for making any room look and feel like home is a big stack of photo prints (they’re not just for Instagram, you know). Emma, a York University student who runs the blog compassionisthefashion, says: “Bringing photos with you and putting them up in your room is one of the best ways to make your room yours.”

While you may be having the time of your life, it’s normal to miss the friends and family you’ve left behind (not to mention the dog). Having little reminders of their presence in your student accommodation will brighten up an otherwise dreary day. “It’s always nice to have pictures to look at when you’re bored or homesick,” says Emma.

Here are five easy and cheap ways to transform your uni digs, however far away you are – inspired by students who’ve been there, done that and bought the graduation sweatshirt.

Dress your bed

Nothing says home like a comfy bed, so dress it up with gorgeous bedding plus extra cushions, throws and pillows. These will provide splashes of colour and texture to your room, as well as warmth and comfort. You could even add your own personalised cushion with a favourite picture on it – it’s a brilliant way to make your decor unique (who else will have their accessories adorned with a photo of your dog/hamster/rat?). And not only does it look fabulous, you’ll also get to cuddle up with Fido every night – win-win! You can order photo cushions in Jessops stores or online, in various shapes and sizes, in faux suede or linen, with prices starting at under £20. See here for more. If you want to treat yourself, go crazy and make a personalised photo blanket too!


Pimp your pinboard

Many university hall rooms come with a cork or soft noticeboard, which is invaluable for keeping track of timetables and important notes, as well as displaying personal stuff. Pinboards are works of art these days: you’ll find pages of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as videos on how to make your board stand out using personal prints, souvenirs of special events, and cute decorations. It’s another way to start your university life surrounded by beautiful things that make you happy!

Uni Room

Let there be lights

On quiet nights in, when Netflix is your only friend, a little glow of light around your room is wonderfully comforting. Even a simple, colourful desk lamp can create a cosy feeling, and strings of fairy lights will add a magical touch – they come in many different styles, so you’ll easily find something right for you. Emma recommends clipping on some of your favourite snaps: “If you want to make your room nice and cosy, fairy lights are the best way to go. I got some and clipped on pictures with pegs.” Print out snaps easily by ordering online or popping along to your local Jessops store.


Show off your shelves

Bringing a few photos in simple frames to keep by your bedside or on your shelves is one of the simplest ways to make a room your own. You’ll be amazed how many things you can transform with photos once you start getting creative. A picture can work in any space – for example, if your bookshelves have plain back panels, you can personalise them with photos in the empty spaces. You’ll have all your friends and family there (in spirit) to help you though those essay deadlines.

Adorn your walls

You may as well make friends with those walls – you’ll be staring at them a lot when you’re searching for inspiration at 3am while working on last-minute assignments. Walls are one of the easiest areas on which to put your own spin – they’re a blank canvas for your creativity. There are loads of ways to spruce them up without leaving marks or dents, including picture strips that don’t damage paint work. Tapestry, posters, confetti dots and wall decals are just a few ways to add character to dull walls, and photos in the form of snaps, posters or canvases are ideal. You can make posters from your favourite photos – see here for details. You can also get creative with a photo collage: print a selection of images and display them in one big frame on your wall or wardrobe door, or even cover an entire wall. This is your opportunity to express your creativity and enjoy a constant reminder of your friends and loved ones.




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