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Printing makes you happy

Printing makes you happy

Most of us say our photos are the most precious things we own – so it’s a tad worrying that the vast majority of these valuable possessions don’t actually exist in the real, physical world. Instead, our treasures are stored in the form of bits and bytes, dangling in the digital cosmos, neglected for years and just a hard drive failure or accidental delete key away from oblivion. All those wonderful memories lost… it doesn’t bear thinking about. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Photo printing instantly turns those precious memories into something tangible that you can hold and enjoy forever. Whether they’re images of your new baby, a beloved pet, your child’s graduation or your latest beach holiday, those cherished moments and beautiful views deserve to be seen and celebrated – and printing them is when the magic begins.

And it really is magic. Getting a digital image printed means creating something real, something that can be shared with friends and family, framed and hung, held and immortalised, loved and enjoyed and loved again…

Let’s get physical

Think of all the photos on your device. How many of them make you smile? There are probably lots of pictures you feel proud of: an expression on your child’s face, the perfect family reunion, your best mate getting married… these are the images that make your heart sing. Seeing your carefully crafted photos in physical form will reward you with deep satisfaction. Unlike pixels, photo printing means you are creating physical manifestations of all that love, creativity and effort. Whether you’re holding a stack of prints, a shuffle print, a scrap book or a photo book, you’ll love the buzz.

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Now and forever

The current fast-moving digital landscape means the photos you’ve saved in today’s storage media aren’t necessarily guaranteed to work in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time. File formats become unreadable, technology fails, social media platforms come and go. Using Jessops printing services to create a beautiful framed print, a photo book or a stack of snaps will stand the test of time. Technology changes – prints do not.

Remembering the good times

One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to recall joyful times from the past. Photos remind us of the people, places and activities we love – and because we tend to take snaps on happy occasions, they reinforce those good memories.

Printing your digital photos and surrounding yourself with these moments – on your walls, in photo albums, on your mantelpiece, even on a mug or fridge magnet – will make you happier every day. Simple!

The perfect stress-buster

Chances are, you have literally thousands of photos stored on your various devices. And does that stress you out? Of course it does! There’s an easy way to stop feeling overwhelmed, and you can start right now.

Begin selecting the photos you love the most and printing them out. You’ll immediately feel more organised and less anxious about leaving your photos to drown in digi-land. If you’re swamped by the sheer volume of them, just do your photo printing a little bit at a time: choose a particular year, holiday or event and get printing, and then continue over the coming days or weeks.

Once you’ve got the bug, you won’t want to stop!


The gift that keeps on giving

Nothing brings more pleasure than giving or receiving a personalised gift. Whether you have photos printed on mugs, canvases, mouse mats, fridge magnets or key rings, or you collate them all in a photo book, they all make splendid presents. For very little cost, you’re giving someone a memory that’s priceless.

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Top tip: When you print photos of gatherings with family and friends, get duplicates done and send them to everyone – it’s way more meaningful than tagging them on Facebook…

Tell your life story

Without printing photos and putting them in a frame or photo book, how are you going to embarrass your son or daughter on their 21st birthday? Or when they bring home a partner for the first time?

Printing photos gives you the ability to document your life – family, friends, the good times… They’re a diary of your life together, which you can browse whenever you want.

Beautify your home

You have walls in your living room that are empty. You have a smartphone full of photos you love to look at. See where we’re going with this? Hanging your own artwork, rather than an off-the-shelf print, is a great way to make your house a home.

Photo printing and framing your favourite images can bring enormous pleasure, especially if you’ve invested time and effort shooting a beautiful baby shot, landscape or wildlife subject. You’re not just giving your living space personality, you’re making your very own gallery for family and friends to enjoy and admire.

Leave your kids a legacy

Children love to look at photos of themselves and hear the stories behind them. As adults, they’ll still cherish those pictures. Our children rely on us to store memories for them. They might enjoy flicking through pictures on your smartphone, but where will those photos be in five or ten years’ time?

Most of them will be forgotten, unless they’ve been printed and framed, or put in a photo book or album. So preserve your family history for future generations and give your children something to cherish. Having a physical copy of those special images, in addition to a digital version, is the best way to ensure important memories live on.

Make the most of modern technology

There’s never been a better time to print your photos. Thanks to advances in printers, smartphones and digital cameras, the quality of the modern print is nothing short of brilliant. And it’s never been easier. You can print photos in no time from your computer or laptop, camera memory card or straight from your phone.

If you’re ordering online, just upload your favourite images, decide on the size and style you want, and off you go. Have them delivered to your home or pick them up in store – in some cases, just one hour after ordering.

Alternatively, you can head to a Jessops store, hand your phone over and they’ll do the rest on the spot. While you’re there, you can pick the perfect frames, start a scrapbook or make a shuffle print – all wonderful ways to immortalise your favourite snaps.


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