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Best ever end-of-term gifts for teachers

Best ever end-of-term gifts for teachers

Want to say thank you to your child’s teacher, but feeling stuck for ideas? Check out our top ten inexpensive personalised gifts for teaching staff

What do a bag of potatoes, a stolen necklace and a box of half-eaten chocolates have in common?

Believe it or not, they’ve all been given as end-of-term gifts to teachers. A list of the best and worst presents ever received by teaching staff, published by the parenting website Mumsnet, has revealed some truly bizarre items. Among the traditional scented candles and boxes of chocolates lurked a disconnected car radio, a pair of pants and a bottle of wine that had already been half swilled.

At Jessops, we know how difficult it can be to think of the right gift for your child’s teacher. We also know how important it is for parents to feel they’ve given a thoughtful and wanted gift – which is why we’re here to help.

Of course, the one thing teachers say they most love to receive is something personal, whether it’s a note, a card or a handmade gift. Our top ten list of personalised (and inexpensive!) gifts for teachers will inspire your imagination and ease that end-of-term stress…

Panicking about what to give your child’s teacher to say thank you for all their hard work?

We’ve got the ultimate list of perfect personalised end-of-term gifts – and they’re all under 20 quid!

Revealed! The secret item a teacher hopes to receive from a child at the end of term…

You’ll never worry again about what to give your child’s teacher as a thank you present with these top ten inexpensive personalised gifts




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