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Dani – Jessops

1. How long have you been at Jessops?
1 year and 8 months

2. Why do you like working for Jessops?
I’m very much a people person, everyday is different when it
comes to customers. That’s what I love.

3. What is your own favourite photo from your own library?
My puppy, Luna.

4. Do you have a camera? If yes, which one? If no, do you use your phone to take your photos?
I currently use a Canon 750D and my iPhone.

5. How many photos do you have on your phone?

6. Why are photos so important?
I take photos to capture a moment I want to relive again and again. It’s a great way to stay connected with friends, sharing a forgotten image will always make me smile.

7. What is the best product you like to create for customers in store and please explain why?
A canvas as they sit in pride of place on the customers wall. Each one is different, I get to help the customer create their favourite memories of days gone by.

8. Why should customers set their photos free?
Images on your device are locked away where you don’t look at them and your friends and family certainly don’t. If you print a canvas, photobook or other gift you can share them. It is also important as you may lose your device and lose your memories.

9. What the best photo gift you have ever given?
I made my mom a shuffle print for Mothers Day, it was full of her favourite moments and happy times.

10. What do you most like to take photos of and why?
My pets, I have 3 cats and a puppy that always seem to be in sticky situations that need to be captured. My puppy, Luna, is only 4 months old and it’s amazing to look back and see just how much she has grown in that short time.

My Favourite Products

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Soft Cover Mini Photo Books

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The compact Mini Photo book opens flat, ensuring that none of the picture is lost in the spine and is perfect for showing off smaller images.

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