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Egg-citing Easter
Photo Ideas

Easter is just around the corner! Our access to usual Easter treats and activities may be restricted but for most of us, this time of the year is a welcome break from work and school. Here at Jessops, we love Easter as it is one of the holidays where we aren’t being judged on our chocolate consumption! We want to inspire you to celebrate Easter, so we’ve got some fun-filled activities to help you create some precious memories. It is not always easy to keep everyone entertained during a lockdown Easter, so we have activity suggestions for all the family. Make sure you have your camera at the ready and don’t forget to share your best images with us on Facebook and Instagram. #jessopscreations

Chocolate Charcuterie Board

One of the many things we look forward to at Easter is gorging on all that delicious chocolate. While we encourage that everyone eats a healthy balanced diet, we think it is only right that we get to treat ourselves now and again. (Disclaimer- we do not take responsibility if you eat maybe a little too much) We have spotted on Instagram in the last few months that people have been swapping out the usual cheese board for a chocolate board. This is perfect for Easter and an indulgent way you can enjoy all your chocolatey favourites. To really top it off, don’t be forgetting your hot chocolate! To make this special with the family, why not create personalised photo mugs so everyone can enjoy their own sweet drinks.


The Ultimate Indoor Cinema Experience

Miss going to the cinema and seeing the new releases on the big screen? Why not set up your own cinema experience right in your own living room. Wearing your PJs, eating and drinking what you want, and taking unlimited toilet breaks without missing a thing… what could be better! Gather all your cushions (check out our range of personalised cushions for a special Easter gift) to create a comfy sanctuary and plug in those speakers for a true cinematic experience. Don’t forget that big bag of popcorn on your next shopping trip, or why not whip up a chocolate charcuterie board with all your Easter chocolate!


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts have been around for hundreds of years, and generations of kids and adults still enjoy the thrill of running around trying to gather up as much chocolate as they possibly can. An inexpensive way of keeping the whole family entertained with clues and chocolate while you get to play the Easter bunny. For those older kids, try hiding clues and riddles around the house and garden suggesting where the ultimate Easter treat might be. Even if you are a big fan of a traditional egg hunt, why not spice it up with a golden egg. The recipient of this prestigious egg will earn bragging rights for the rest of the weekend!

Make it extra special provide each kid with their own personalised easter egg hunt tote bag!


Your Very own Easter Bake-off

You may have participated in enough baking during these lockdowns to last you are lifetime, but surely nothing is better than a batch of Easter baked goods? If your family likes a touch of healthy competition, why not hold your very own Easter bake-off. Absolutely nothing is off-limits when it comes to competition, cookies, brownies, anything with crème eggs in, you name it, it’s allowed. Make this a real event in your household this Easter with personalised aprons so that everyone feels like a true Masterchef finalist. It’s a good way to keep everyone busy and you’ll have lots of tasty bakes to eat at the end of it (fingers crossed).


Exploring the Great Outdoors

We hope that the Easter weekend brings us lots of sunshine so we can go out and about exploring what the great outdoors around us has to offer. Understandably, not all kids enjoy going for those long walks after Easter lunch with the family, so why not make it a bit more interesting? Create a scavenger hunt to keep the younger ones excited during your exploring. Nature bingo is a sure-fire way of captivating even the youngest of kids and helping them to learn about the wildlife around them. But to really get them excited, of course the winner will need a prize! Another easter egg maybe?


Children’s Easter Storybook

Want to keep your little ones away from eating all the chocolate but have run out of ways to keep them entertained? A personalised storybook is the perfect way of engaging their creativity and exploring their imagination. Take the time to plan out a story with your little one, whether it be of an explorer on the hunt for the Easter bunny or tracking down the Easter egg thief. Not only will you spend the time putting together the best storyline for their very own story photo book but they will also get to play dress up. A truly unique memento to remind yourself and your child of your Easter weekend fun, but also a fantastic way of involving your child in their very own bedtime stories.



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