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Photo Book Ideas

The last year was not one we had anticipated at all… but why not encapsulate all those memories you perhaps didn’t think you would make into a personalised photo book. We have put together some of our top photo book ideas for the year to inspire you to get started on your very own!

Kitchen Creations Recipe Book

2020 became the year about staying at home and many of us tried our hand at becoming the star baker of the week. We have seen many people share their culinary delights across social media, but why not go one step further and create a personalised recipe book! Collate your favourite recipes from the year or even existing family favourites scribbled on that piece of paper. Once you have gathered your top recipes, now comes the fun part… if you haven’t already taken photographs of your kitchen delights you get to make them all over again to get that perfect snap! Just like your food creations (or maybe not), your personalised recipe book is perfect for sharing and passing down the family.

For that special keepsake, our Classic hardcover photo book is ideal for keeping hold of those favourite recipes for years to come.
Once you have created your very own recipe book, don’t forget to share it with us on social media #jessopscreations


Did someone say Baby Boom?

There is nothing more important in life than the birth of a child. We are certain that time flies by when you have your baby, so what better way of documenting all those precious moments than with a personalised photo book. All those pictures locked away on your phone, from their first smiles (but then again it could have been something else), crawling for the first time or just an image that holds a special place in your heart. Unlock those photographs and create a photo book that can be treasured for many years to come and a great way of embarrassing them as they get older! A personalised baby photo book is a wonderful present for yourself, but also for those family members who perhaps haven’t been able to spend as much time as they had hoped with the new addition.

Your child deserves the very best, right? Therefore, we would recommend the ‘Crème De La Crème’ of all photo books for this design our Premium Hard Cover Layflat Photobook.

Check out our blog on how to capture the best ever baby photos for your photo book.

Don’t forget once you have created your masterpiece share it with us on social media #jessopscreations


Children’s Storybook

Have you run out of ways to keep your little ones entertained during the day and want to keep them away from the screens? A personalised storybook is the perfect way of engaging their creativity and exploring their imagination. Take the time to plan out a story with your little one, whether it be of a fearless pirate or a favourite toy going on an adventure in the house. Not only will you spend the time putting together the best storyline for their very own story photo book but they will also get to play dress up. A truly unique memento to remind yourself and your child of those home-schooling days, but also a fantastic way of involving your child in their very own bedtime stories.

The perfect photo book for those phone snaps is our Mini book.

Don’t forget to tag us in your little one’s adventures on social media! #jessopscreations


Empowerment Photo Book

The one for you! This is quite possibly our favourite photo book design; you may ask why? A year where we have established that nothing is more paramount than looking after the ones you love but more importantly looking after yourself. A personalised photo book to remind you that you have got this and can achieve anything your heart desires. A photo book filled with all your favourite memories, to make you laugh or put the biggest smile on your face as it triggers a fond moment. It doesn’t stop there, why not include those quotes you have saved on social media after you read them and sat there nodding your head in agreement. Don’t let them get lost in the world of the internet – print them in your very own inspirational book so you can flick back when you need that pick me up!

Available in a variety of different sizes our Paperback photo books are great for those phone snaps and those images saved from Instagram.


Everyone’s Best Friend!

We introduce you to the most immense photo book dedicated to the ultimate loves in your life… your pet. There is no denying that your pet is one of your most treasured possessions and why not celebrate them with their very own photobook. Those who give you unconditional love deserve the best kind of love in return. Don’t let those pictures on your phone go to waste, create a photo book so you can remember all those precious moments you have had together. And are you really a pet owner if you haven’t set up your own photoshoot, trying to get their best angles! If you are struggling to get some model shots, why not watch our Academy team talk you through their top hints and tips and pet portraits.

Our Classic Hardcover photo book is very versatile and is available in a variety of different layouts and designs. Ideal for creating the most incredible photo book of your pet.



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