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Wonderful Ways to Display your Wedding Memories

Something Old, Something New… Wonderful Ways to Display your Wedding Memories

Whether you got married this summer and have just received the pictures, or your wedding photos have been adorning your mantel piece for years, selecting and displaying photos from your big day can be an event of its own. Read our ideas on displaying your wedding photos, as well as ways to revive old photos to make your romantic memories as special as the day itself.

Create your own love story with a Photo Book

It’s practically a crime to pack away your gorgeous wedding photos in a box above a cupboard never to be seen again, or worse, stored forever on a computer! There’s always more to your wedding story than just the few you select to hang up. A coffee table book is the perfect way to keep your wedding story close by and give your big day the justice it deserves. Why not create your own with one of our Photo Books?

Just like this one made by Rachel and Tom, you can create a book that shows every shot, from the small details to the wide group shots and arrange them exactly how you’d like. Put together collage pages, photo cover pages and create double page spreads for your group shots. With our Premium Layflat style, your double page spreads will look seamless.


Something old into something new…


You don’t have to have got married this year to think about how to display your photos, it’s never too late for a refresh. Maybe you’ve been looking through some old pictures and you’ve seen some favourites that are slightly faded or damaged? With our photo restoration service, you can bring your treasured memories back to life and refresh your display as if it was yesterday. Just come into store and ask one of our experts. Find out more information here.

Your very own vintage movie

It’s not just photos that captured the day, camcorders have been a staple at weddings since the 80s. With technology moving so fast, soon we may not have the means to watch old videos because they are in an outdated format. At Jessops you can bring your old videos into store and have them transferred onto DVD! Now is the perfect time to bring your videos in; we’re currently offering this service for the reduced amount of £15 instead of £25 until 14th November. Revive those warm fuzzy memories today, grab the hankies and relive those happy times! Read more about our Restore and Revive service here.


A Gallery wall

Gallery walls are all the rage, and we can’t stop talking about them! It’s likely your wedding photos won’t be a consistent size or shape, but they will have a common theme (e.g. a colour palette) which will mean they work beautifully together as a collection. Combine close-ups with group shots and try and capture the essence of the day too – from the bridal party getting ready, to the first dance. The great thing about a gallery wall is that you don’t need to have a 40ft x 40ft gallery room in your house for this to look good. You can utilise the wall space in areas that are usually left bare such as the stairwell, or your hallway!

Get the look

Browse our selection of frames here, and prints available here.


Instax Display


We love a good Instax photo display here at Jessops, and wedding Instax photos are one of our favourite types of prints to go to town with! From framed photos elegantly aligned in a row, to a cute DIY effect with photos arranged in a heart shape, you simply can’t go wrong. If you don’t happen to have had an Instax at your wedding, you can recreate the look with an Instax printer and film, designed to print your photos out onto Instax film. Choose from many different colours of film from Pink Lemonade to a Confetti design to suit.

Get the look

Pick up an Instax camera here , and turn your photos into Instax prints with our Instax printers and film.

Your Own Work of Art

Make your favourite memories into a work of art with a canvas print, perfect for that one special photo, or display your photo across three canvases for a modern gallery style. This photo works really well with the image naturally dividing into 3 parts; the bride and groom on the right, the sunset in the middle and the landscape stretching out to their left. Our Triptych canvases are available in store.

Get the look

Find you favourite style of Canvas here, and go into your local store with your images to order your Triptych Canvas.


Props and Statements


This picture by @bri_lombardo on Instagram features a display wall with items and text that complement the vibe of her wedding. A couple of floating frames positioned next to a green wreath and painted message fits the natural aesthetic of her wedding. Think about what colours you can pick out of your wedding photos and display objects in those shades around them. You can even put a painted sign with a message that means something to you, whether that’s a lyric from your first dance, or a few words that sum up your life together.

Get the look: Check our black floating frame here, and see our 8×10 prints available here.

A Classic Twist

Photos above the mantelpiece may seem like a traditional way to display your photos, but you can take this classic idea and add a modern twist to it. Place your photos in different sized frames and lean them against the wall head-on rather than standing up at an angle. You can play around with the sizes, but we found a mixture of larger portrait photos and small landscape photos worked really well together.

Get the lookk: We opted for Black and white prints in a selection of different sizes and frames.


Wedding days come and go so quickly, after all the months of build-up and preparation, it can feel like a dream. It can be so easy to forget tiny details from the day, especially in the age of technology when the photographs we take can get lost in a folder on our computer or phone. Turning your cherished photos into display or décor pieces for your home is a wonderful way to remember your special day, every day.

Remember to head into store to take advantage of our offers such as Restore and Revive – Video to DVD for £15, 60 x Retro Prints for £10, and to see our array of in-store products such as Triptych Canvases, glitter globes and much more.

Tag us in your designs at @Jessops, and use #jessopscreations for a chance to be featured and win our monthly prize.


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