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6 Personalised Gifts to Make any new student Feel at Home

6 Personalised Gift Ideas to Make any new student Feel at Home

The class of 2019 is just about to head to uni. If your teen is one of the soon-to-be students, you’re probably busy right now with shopping trips and check lists, making sure they have everything they need to start the next chapter of their life. Whether your son or daughter is always out with their friends, or they’re a homebody who loves to spend evenings watching films with the family, you have to admit that when they leave home they will leave a teen-shaped hole in your world (and fridge). We know sending a child off to uni is more than just check-lists and shopping trips, it can be quite emotional! But taking the edge off that are memory makers. Items designed to remind your young adult of their loving family rooting for them back home. So, if this is you, get the hankies out and read on.

Nothing like a good cup of tea

As the quote goes “there is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea”. Making new friends is the first thing to do when your son or daughter moves into their new halls. Make sure they can bond with their new friends and housemates over a cuppa with personalised photo mugs. With our creation tool you can create a mug with their name on in a font that suits them, and even create an extra one for their housemate as a housewarming gift!

Pictured: our Standard Photo Mug. Upload any photo or design, and overlay text over the top.


Food for thought


Students are not traditionally known for their wholesome meal planning. Give them a reason to turn down the pot noodle and eat some vegetables with their gorgeous personalised (and maybe even matching) chopping board and apron! With our creation tool you can put their name in your chosen font over the top of the print. Choose a photo of their recent culinary creations, your family picnic, or even a cool illustration or pattern. You can even go a step further and inspire them to do the washing up with their own personalised tea towel! They’ll be the star of their halls in no time.

Mum’s secret recipe

It’s only natural for you to pass on your best recipes to your children for them to wow their new housemates, but how thoughtful would it be to put together a Photo Book of their favourite recipes from their childhood! You can write your own messages and recipes in the text! Put your own special instructions in there or little in-jokes and create a keepsake that will maybe see them impressing their future families with too one day.

Pictured: A Softcover Photo Book 


The more organised 'you' starts here


If you’re stationery lovers like us, you’ll know there’s nothing better than opening a fresh new notebook or diary at the start of term with the dreams of the new more organised you. Why not remind them of their new more organised self every time they open their books in a lecture with a personalised photo notebook. Put that end goal of their dream life on the cover to remind them what they’re working towards every time they go to a lecture! Adorn it with text for an even more personalised approach and put their name on it so it can find its way back to its studious owner if it goes missing.

Paw-some technology

Make sure they protect their laptop in style with a personalised laptop pouch. Having one with a photo of their family dog means they will be reminded of home every time they write an essay. Why not add a mouse mat mat to bring the set together?


Lean on me


Saying goodbye sometimes needs a little light-heartedness, so why not choose something fun and playful? Think what you like about not embarrassing your kids, a personalised cushion or blanket with mum & dad’s face on it will be a funny way of making sure he or she sees your smiling face every day, and what’s more, knows you are there to provide comfort no matter what! Those moments of homesickness? Give the cushion of mum or dad a cuddle. See, it’s actually genius.

Recreate the look

This is a square design on linen material. Feeling extra-lovey? The cushion comes in a heart shape too  – and faux suede option! Start creating yours here.

Making sure your young-uns will be comfortable and happy in their new home is a great way to spend those days and weeks leading up to their move-in date. From home comforts to printed photos, we’ve got everything you need to help them make their halls a home, but we know they’ll want to put their own mark on their space too. Watch this space over the next couple of weeks as we put together ideas for great ways for students to decorate their rooms with photo prints – all on a budget!

If you do make any of these creations, don’t forget to tag #jessopscreations on instagram, or tag us in your pics on facebook @jessopsphoto !


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