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Create your endless summer through photos

Create your Endless Summer through Photos

Is it too soon to reminisce on summer? We don’t think so! We may be edging towards September and the dreaded ‘back to school’ banners might be starting to appear everywhere, but we‘re determined not to take off our sun hats any time soon. Flicking through summer photos brings us right back to the beach, and we’d like to stay there a bit longer please. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have taken scrolls of photos this summer, and we’ve got just the thing to celebrate them, and help you get you through the cold days ahead! Read on for our top tips on how to celebrate your summer through your photos.

Bringing Nature Home

Photos of beach frolics, sand dunes and wooden huts are the perfect excuse to bring nature into your home. Sun-bleached colours and natural textures look great printed on wooden panels, especially in a home with rustic or industrial style decor. Try three in a row featuring your favourite beachy pics or one big image positioned over several panels. With a choice of 9 sizes to choose the world is your timber oyster!

Recreate the look

The printed wooden panel here complements the existing mix of materials in the space, raw wood and metal. Pictured here with a beach sunset onto size 70cm x 50cm.


Multi Print Collection


Paint your summer story with a collection of images from your smartphone or camera with these Multi Prints.

When you scroll through all your summer pics it can be hard to narrow down a selection to just 13 favourites, but when you need them to look good together too it can be quite the task! Try creating a selection that fit within a colour theme. With a summer theme the key is to think vivid. Mix bright blues of the sky with yellow of the sand or green grass, and other bright colours from summery clothing. Collect your photos in a separate album in your smartphone and play around with how they work together.

Recreate the look

Just choose your favourite 13 images, with one feature picture and pop them into the template – we do the rest.

Tell your Story with a Photo Book

Every journey has a beginning middle and an end, but let’s face it not all beginnings and ends are photogenic. You might not want a photo book that starts with a selection of suitcases. There are so many ways to theme your Photo Book, so why not try other themes, such as a mood book. You can put all the moments of calm in one section – all the underwater dives and relaxing hammock shots, all the splashes and action shots in another, the laughs and smiles, the food… whatever you choose. There’s lots of fun to be had creating your own photo books, and with our online creation tool you can experiment to your heart’s content.

Recreate the look

Pictured is a 12″ x 12″ Premium Layflat Photo Book which comes in a hardback cover.


Your Retro Summer


String them from driftwood, hang them from fairy lights, pin them to a cork board or dress them up by neatly in a smart frame; light-hearted Retro Prints are perfect for printing the fun frivolity of your summer. Their casual style suits the fun, the splashes, the little moments. Working best as a collection, they don’t need to be masterpieces, they tell a story and give a vibe, even your slightly overexposed, slightly blurred, out of focus selfies will still work well! Select your most casual fun shots and start building your summer story.

Recreate the look

This arrangement features our Umbra Natural Wood Frame filled with Retro Prints hanging alongside art prints. Whenever you want to change one of the pictures, you just peg it on. Perfect for creating an ongoing collection.

Statement Wall

This photo gallery wall was created by Jennifer from @houseofblues on Instagram, an absolutely gorgeous display of prints celebrating her summer, and life with her young family. Jennifer printed her images in black and white to suit the colours of her room. Printing them in equal sizes meant she could create a statement wall that wasn’t overwhelming. A gallery wall like this is suited to those images that you absolutely love, and that work well as a collection.

Recreate the look

Balance out busy images with ones that have more blank space and play around with your composition on the wall until you’re happy. Print your photos in black and white using our online creation tool and get your natural wood frame here.


Create your Moonlight Sonata in Print


The summer night life is just as memorable as the sun-filled beach days. For shots with plenty of sparkle, moonlit shadows and milky way glisten, bring them to life in a way that suits your cool contemporary style with an aluminium print. Perfect for a minimalist interior, the lightweight high quality metal sheets pick out any silver and gold colours with a stunning metallic sheen.

Recreate the look 

This moonlight beach photo is pictured on a 60x90cm Aluminium Print. Choose high-res images from a camera, rather than low smartphone pictures to avoid pixelation.

Whichever way you choose to display your summer photos, remember the main point is to keep the spirit of your summer alive and bring a smile to your face on those winter days. If you print your summer pictures with Jessops and want to proudly show off your creation, please tag us on facebook or add the tag #jessopscreations to you post on Instagram so we can feature you on our profile!


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