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Update your child’s room

Update your child’s room in a day

Make some space

First things first: kids need space, so the more you create for them, the happier they’ll be. It’s amazing how much you can improve and refresh any room by simply removing unneeded items. Whether it’s furniture, old toys, or that growing pile of papers/clothes/shoes that’s taking up too much space, if it’s not required, then get rid!

Get your child to help you sort unwanted items into piles, then head to the local charity shop. Not only will they have a nicer room, they’ll have donated to a worthy cause. Win-win.

Get painting

When you’re in need of easy children’s bedroom ideas, a fresh coat of paint is a fun, quick and inexpensive place to start. Paint the whole room, add colour to an accent wall, or even go to town on the ceiling! If your child is old enough, get them to help by choosing the colours or even doing some painting themselves. Have fun experimenting – remember, if you don’t like it, you can always change it.

Hang up artwork

Your child’s bedroom is an ideal spot for displaying collections of personal pictures. Dressing a wall with photo prints of people and objects they love is a lovely way to surround them with happy memories. Sticking up photos using colourful washi tape is an affordable and easy-to-change    alternative to framing and hanging. It’s simple and inexpensive to print out photos from any device. Just click here and get started. 

Child drawing on wall

Mix it up

Perfectly matched rooms are so yesterday. A simple way to wake up a tired room is to mix up patterns, colours and textures with a blend of fabrics and furnishings, from furry rugs to colourful cushions. Who knew coming up with children’s bedroom ideas could be such fun?

Child's Bedroom

Lighten up

Overhead lighting casts a harsh light and isn’t great for bedrooms, so add some bedside lamps and other sources of accent lighting such as fairy lights to instantly turn your child’s room into an inviting, comforting retreat. Something as simple as replacing an old light bulb with a warm-spectrum fluorescent can provide the softness their bedroom needs.

Dress the bed

Nothing looks and feels fresher than new bedding. Mix up colours and textures, or create your own personalised photo blanket – a perfect accessory for any kid’s room. Choose a photo of a pet, a group of mates, a family photo or anything your child loves, and print it out on a cosy fleece blanket. Photo blankets come in a range of sizes, and will instantly add interest. Just select your photo and get creating. 

Make patterns

Try covering a single wall, or one section of wall, with a favourite wallpaper or stencil – it’s a sure-fire way to add a focal point to the room. Alternatively, turn a whole wall into a blackboard so your child can get creative whenever they feel like it. Drawing on the walls has never been such fun.

Painting on Wall

Switch the pillows and cushions

Simply adding covered pillows and cushions to the bed and seating areas will quickly upgrade the feel of a room by adding volume, pattern, texture, colour and personality. Make your own cool, personalised cushion with a favourite photo and surprise your child when they come home from school.

Cushions, Playing

Get framing

To create a timeless, classic look in your child’s bedroom, get framing. Whether it’s their artwork or photo prints, there are some things that just have to be framed and put on display. Framed cork boards are also great for keeping kids of all ages organised, and they’re a great place to display favourite snaps. Encourage creativity by letting them choose what to pin.


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