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16 genius things to do with a photo book

16 genius things to do with a photo book

These brilliant ideas will help you spread a little happiness to the ones you love

How many photos do you have stored away on your phone, your timeline, your laptop or your home computer? We already know the answer: you lost count a long, long time ago… and that makes you sad. After all, you took those pictures because they meant something special, right?

Now imagine that you could set those photos free from cyberspace or a dusty old hard drive and give them the life they deserve – giving those precious images the chance to be loved, admired, laughed at, cried over and treasured forever in the real world.

We’re here to help you do just that. Making a photo book does many wonderful things: it liberates your precious pictures, allows you and your loved ones to admire them whenever the mood arises, and brings warm, fuzzy feelings of happiness to everyone.

Here are just a few inspiring ways you can extend the joy and make the very best of those special moments…

Make ’em laugh (over and over again)

From snaps capturing your kids doing daft things to classic family comedy moments, a humorous photo collection will bring delight and smiles to the faces of friends and relatives. The perfect pick-me-up for those moments when life is getting you down, a book bursting with jolly pics will keep the laughs coming for years to come.

Carry out a random act of kindness
Who says we should only give presents for special occasions? An unexpected act of kindness brings warmth and happiness, and a surprise gift of a personalised photo book, given to someone for no other reason than because you care, is guaranteed to make their day, month, even their year…

Turn it into child’s play
Creating a photo book with Jessops is so simple that even a schoolchild can do it – so why not let them have a go? Lend your little treasure a phone or camera to take photos and watch them have fun creating their very own book. Better still, do it together and indulge in a fun, creative collaboration.

Say thank you
Want to thank someone dear to your heart but don’t know where to start? A photo book is the ideal way to express your gratitude. Whatever they’ve done to deserve your thanks, you’ll get all the feels with a personalised photo book.

Celebrate a new life
First smile, first step, first Christmas… A baby photo book is the only way to display those early milestones and will make a brilliant keepsake or gift for close family and friends.

Say happy birthday
A photo book is the ideal birthday gift for grandparents and other relatives, particularly if they don’t live nearby. Having a book of wonderful family photos will help them stay connected and feel cherished.

Say goodbye
Whether it’s Bob from accounts retiring, or your best mate moving Down Under, a photo book is a brilliant way to pull together all those special memories and make someone smile for years to come… they’ll never forget you!

Celebrate a furry friend
Fact: there will never be enough cute cat or dog photos in the world. Enough said.

Make a story book for your child
Here’s a chance to get creative at the same time as becoming your kids’ favourite children’s author. Create a photo book especially for your little bundle of joy and they’ll treasure it for life. Fill it with photos of family members, or even make up stories about your child and illustrate them with your own photos.

Make your own recipe book
Love cookery books and magazines? Why not print your own food images and create a personalised illustrated book of your best recipes – then keep it on the kitchen shelf to flip through for inspiration on those days when you don’t know what to cook. Or make a collection of favourite family recipes to share with your nearest and dearest, to keep those foodie traditions alive for the younger generations.

Collect your OOTDs
Dedicated follower of fashion? If your photos are mostly #ootd inspired (that’s “outfit of the day” for the uninitiated), a photo book is a perfect solution to revisit next time you’re saying, “I have nothing to wear!”

See your garden in bloom all year round
Calling all green-fingered folk! Make your favourite photos of your garden into a book for your coffee table or night stand as a blooming wonderful reminder of those glorious spring and summer days. It’ll bring some sunshine into the dark winter nights and put an end to the winter blues…

Show off your mini-Picasso
Those precious first scrawls will never get the admiration they deserve if they’re stuffed in the back of a drawer. Scan your little treasure’s favourite drawings and show off their artistic skills in a beautiful keepsake. You’ll have your own unique art book, and who knows, it could be worth a fortune one day…

Remember that perfect day
Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation or a milestone birthday, a book of lovely photos commemorating the occasion is an absolute must. A photo book is the perfect way to keep those special moments alive.

Re-live your holiday whenever you like
Holiday photos mean so much at the time, but they’re pretty much guaranteed to be banished to obscurity unless you take action. So turn them into a blissful memory book – what better way to get over those post-holiday blues and help you reminisce for years to come?

Create a yearbook
Was it last year or the year before that you went on that holiday to Greece? Who came to Uncle Charlie’s birthday meal? Those months will never merge into one again if you create a yearbook – and they make perfect Christmas presents for all the family, too…


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