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Product Details

Sometimes it feels good to be fair, not favouring one side over another – if you agree, then our Square Photo Book could be the ideal choice for you! Our square books come in a variety of sizes and can be fully customised. There is even the option of a faux leather cover to give your book a real sense of luxury.

Extra page (2 sides) costs & Maximum pages

Photo Book Extra page cost Max pages
10 x 10cm Matte £0.75 80
10 x 10cm Gloss £0.80 80
20 x 20cm 250gsm £0.50 150
20 x 20cm Matte £1.50 72
20 x 20cm Gloss £1.75 72
30 x 30cm 250gsm £1.00 150
30 x 30cm Matte £2.50 72
30 x 30cm Gloss £3.00 72