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Photo Canvas Prints

  • Brilliant, reflection-free colours with our advanced 12-colour printing process
  • Printed on durable polycotton canvas for a smoother finish
  • Mounted on a sturdy wooden frame from sustainable resources
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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About our Canvas Prints

Printed on polycotton canvas for a smoother finish and mounted on a sturdy wooden mount stretcher, our canvas prints will turn your four walls into a real "highlight" for your friends, relatives and visitors.

Choose the right format for you from our wide range. Our 12-colour printing process gives you brilliant colours that enhance the impact of your pictures. Your canvas photo print is mounted on a stretcher, with 3cm of your photo folded around it.

Please note: When you choose your picture, please make sure there are no important elements in this folded area.

Try a split panel canvas

Try a Split Panel Canvas...

Your photos take on a whole new look when extended over multiple stretched canvas prints.

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Size Prices
20x30cm £19.99
20x60cm £29.99
30x30cm £24.99
30x40cm £26.99
30x90cm £46.99
40x40cm £31.99
40x50cm £36.99
40x60cm £39.99
40x120cm £64.99
50x50cm £41.99
50x70cm £48.99
60x60cm £49.99
60x80cm £59.99
60x90cm £63.99
80x100cm £78.99
(with 4cm frame)
80x120cm £87.99
(with 4cm frame)
(with 4cm frame)
(with 4cm frame)
90x130cm £97.99
(with 4cm frame)
90x150cm £104.99
(with 4cm frame)
90x160cm £108.99
(with 4cm frame)
100x150cm £109.99
(with 4cm frame)
(with 4cm frame)
(with 4cm frame)
(with 4cm frame)
(with 4cm frame)
Design Template £0.99

Canvas Size Guide

Use this size guide to help you select the right size canvas

View Size Guide
Sizes: 20x30cm, 30x30cm, 20x60cm, 30x40cm, 40x40cm, 30x90cm, 40x50cm, 40x60cm, 50x50cm, 40x120cm, 50x70cm, 60x80cm, 60x90cm, 80x100cm, 80x100cm (4cm frame), 80x120cm (4cm frame), 90x130cm, 90x150cm, 90x160cm, 100x100cm (4cm frame), 90x120cm (4cm frame), 90x130cm (4cm frame), 80x160cm (4cm frame), 90x150cm (4cm frame), 90x160cm (4cm frame), 100x150cm, 120x120cm (4cm frame), 100x150cm (4cm frame), 130x130cm (4cm frame), 120x160cm (4cm frame)
Materials: Premium quality polycotton canvas machine stretched over sturdy wooden frames
Print: UV resistant, 12 colour
Frame Depth: 18mm or 40mm on selected sizes
Backing: Finished with artist backing tape
Additional: Hanging fittings included
Option Time Price
Home Delivery 5 - 7 Working Days From £ 4.59 depending on size
*Unless expressly indicated otherwise all prices include VAT, delivery costs not included. See our price list for details.