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About Aspect Ratio

About Aspect Ratio

Read more info about getting your images printed at the right aspect ratio

Jessops Photo Prints

Jessops Photo Prints

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Photo Prints

Turn your digital photos into beautiful photo prints to share and relive your best memories.

6 x 4" - from 6p
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Photo Prints

Keep your memories alive with premium-quality photo prints that will last a lifetime. Professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper, our prints are guaranteed to achieve the most vibrant colours and sharpest definition.

The benefits of having your photos printed with Jessops Photo include:

  • • Great value for money
  • • Fast and easy ordering
  • • Auto Image Correction (optional)
  • • Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper

Using our software

Choose between Classic Size and Variable Length for your photo prints when you order through our free desktop software. Your digital camera saves images with an aspect ratio of 3:4, which is similar in size to a television picture. Traditional analogue film, on the other hand, has an aspect ratio of 2:3 which produces 6 x 4" images.

This means that digital images are sometimes saved in a size that may not fit exactly into standard print formats, such as 6 x 4" or 7 x 5". For your convenience, your digital images will be printed in the aspect ratio you photographed them at when you choose Variable Length. At Jessops Photo, we always ensure that you receive your full images without them being cropped or given a white border to fit an exact print format.

Please bear in mind that your photographs may vary slightly in size as we print and cut each image to perfectly fit its aspect ratio. Should you wish to have an exact print size, please use the desktop software and select "Classic Size" from the top menu bar within the print ordering screen. If you have further questions on this topic, please contact us by email.

Why Jessops?

Thanks to our free, easy-to-use desktop ordering software, purchasing hard copies of your digital photos couldn't be easier. The Jessops Photo software provides a number of free editing tools, enabling you to perfect your images before ordering hard copies.

From cropping out unwanted elements to red eye removal, our software offers complete solutions for all your photo printing needs. Whatever level of photographer you are, whatever occasion your photographs are from, Jessops Photo offer the perfect, affordable choice.

Furthermore, with prices ranging from just 5p per print and regular special offers for our customers, it's easy to see why Jessops Photo are the leading name in the photo printing world.

Online photo printing

Perfect your pictures and have high-quality prints uploaded for printing in a matter of minutes when you use Jessops Photo. Our online photo printing service is ideal for large orders of digital photographs, offering improved upload speeds and a number of free, intuitive photo editing tools.

*Unless expressly indicated otherwise all prices include VAT, delivery costs not included. See our price list for details.